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23 Feb 2008
Food / Eating out in Poland [43]

^^this is not the whole truth. A Spanish student got so badly beaten coming home from a disco one night.. err, morning, that he ended up in a hospital, getting his nose remodelled and an eye surgery. He got hit by a glass bottle.

I suggest staying in a group, not wondering around alone, and trying not to show off in front of the drunk Poles.. :)

Still, it won't beat 'hostel'. I wouldn't worry about that. ;)

As to eating habits in Poland. It changes. And as much as I appreciate Polish cuisine, I'm glad we're not doomed to only eat golonka and bigos any longer. I plan on living to an old age. :)
23 Feb 2008
Food / Eating out in Poland [43]

What do you think young English blokes come to Poland for? :) (I generalize, ok? I'm sorry)

I assume Andy is young and coming to Poland to have some fun. I trust that it's better to be warned than sorry. We do want people to have fun here. But we'd rather they weren't careless and thinking it's like in e.g. Scandinavian countries.. you might just have been having your lucky times staying in Warsaw, Jones, or you're just not asking for troubles.. or both. ;)
23 Feb 2008
Love / My polish boyfriend and i love one another -- dilema, advice please. [16]

Angel, UK is such a short distance away from Poland, in comparison to couples who have the ocean keeping them apart. If my boyfriend was living within a distance of a two-hour flight, we'd be seeing each other every second week, not to mention holidays and vacations.

Long distance relationships, unfortunately, make sense only if you plan on being together soon. And I mean really soon. Otherwise, with time, you lose the intimacy (i don't see it as sex only) and it's becoming easier to think up obstacles.

I agree that if one person moves abroad without a job perspective, it's very risky. But if you're not taking this risk, you only have two options:

- wait infinitely for 'favourable' conditions, which obviously might never come
- call it quits..

I was at a moment in my relationship when I got the feeling we're floating away from each other, because of distance and both of us having life in our own country, which ISN'T our life together. I admit there was a lot of my fault in it. I got pretty scared and even though I love my job, I knew from the very beginning it's not more important for me than him, and so I'm moving in a little over a month.

People are different and go through different stages in life and I realize for some people job is very important, especially if you have some financial/family obligations.

But for two people in love, every obstacle can be overcome, if they're dedicated to work hard to be happy together. You do need a sense of what's real, but you also need to realize your own feelings and goals.

So, I'm not saying my choice would be best for everyone, but I do believe if you can't take a decision to be together, you should take a decision to be apart. For the sake of both of you.

Saying that, I do have a question - is there a problem with you moving over here to live with him?
23 Feb 2008
Life / Why is Poland so slow; it takes a lot of time to arrange anything here [53]

Jones, you're just a foreigner, used to different standards, but even if Poland is slower than e.g. US, it's got other qualities you should learn to notice... before you leave. :)

I have to agree that if you think Poland's slow (which, I have to say, drives me crazy a lot of times as well), you should move to some of the southern European countries..

People sometimes underestimate the power of the ability to takes things easy.. ;-)
26 Feb 2008
Love / why is the older women such a problem for polish guys [37]

There are very wise words, that we forget we should follow sometimes, even though it may hurt us or break our heart..
"If you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, they were always yours. If they won't, they were never truly yours".

Set him free, Angel.
26 Feb 2008
Study / AGH Studying (Computer Science) in Poland [20]

It's changing, people! We now oficially have a clear division into two cycles of studies, and it's because soemeone up there in the Ministry of Education must have died, and maybe some 60 y.o. took his place and actually notices that the job market doesn't need graduates with Master diplomas, who will know nada about how what they talk about works.. They need people, who can implement into practice what they've learnt. And fast. And working with a few other specialists at the same time.

It IS changing.. fortunately. Master studies will soon come out of fashion, you'll see.. :)

btw, OP, I sent you a private message conc. your question.
27 Feb 2008
Love / why is the older women such a problem for polish guys [37]

From a scientific point of view, the older man/younger woman relationship is biologically much more justified than the other way round. Mature men seek younger women for reproduction purposes. It is noble and should be supported.

Free will and independent thinking should be supported, not just one point of view, whether it has a reflection in any studies or not. I don't give a darn about what biology can prove on the example of.. (please give me an example).. primitive tribes of South America????.. Over 40 or 50 y.o. men don't seek much younger women for reproduction. We all know it. :)

It happens and is more or less acceptable (depending on the society) but I wouldn't call it noble.
28 Feb 2008
UK, Ireland / Polak moving to north-west England [56]

Michal wrote:
would an Englishman even recognize the Polish Language as being polis

I don't think anybody really knows what Polish sounds like besides linguists, Polish speakers, and people with Polish friends
I was talking Polish to one of my Polka friends one day and someone asked if we were speaking French, and btw I live in Canada, French is an official language....=/

this must have been a foreigner.. ;)

I was mistaken for a French once in Worcester, speaking Polish to a friend..
must be something in it.. ;)
28 Feb 2008
Love / Polish Love song looking for . [20]

Polishgirltx and kasz did a good job. I'll give you something that you can listen to in both: Polish and English. I'm NOT a fan of Rubik, but this one's good. :)

English version
polish version
28 Feb 2008
UK, Ireland / Polak moving to north-west England [56]

Maybe it is, Justysia. But if they don't hear foreign languages too often, they probably just have no idea.. you don't have to be a linguist to tell the difference between two distinctly different languages, but you do need to know there's something else there besides English ;)

Or maybe they based their assumption that we're French on other factors..
2 Mar 2008
Study / Does Poland offer Polish Lessons for Free? [16]

I can only confirm what Davey wrote. If you enroll at the university as a full time student, you can take part in their Polish course (if they run it). However, you have to remember foreigners have to pay to be a full time student a few thousand euros a year.. I haven't heard of free Polish classes for immigrants.

(I belive that if a country accepts someone as a legal immigrant, they should think of free native language courses for them, as a way of helping them adapt to society)
4 Mar 2008
Study / Is foreign (second) language required in Polish schools? [9]

Foreign language is part of study programme in elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools.. and to the best of my knowledge, also higher education institutions. Though I also believe, how many hours of the language per semester/year - depends to a degree on the person/board managing the school and financial capacity of the school.

From what I know and if it hasn't changed, this foreign language doesn't have to be English.
And one more comment - kids start learning a foreign language nowadays with their first days at school, in first grade. But if they leave the school with any substantial knowledge depends mostly on their teachers. And I'm sorry to say, there's a lot to be changed for this learning to be successful..

Edit: as to parents, I don't believe they could do anything about it (and why would they want to??). You can negotiate it at college/university, but not earlier..
9 Mar 2008
Travel / Check in time for U.S. flights from WAW airport [13]

I fly to US quite often and never took that long to check in. Just because sometimes the airline ground service is making a mess with check-in doesn't mean that you have to be there that much earlier. I try to be at the airport two hours before departure (whether I'm having stops in Europe or not). Sometimes it's less as, if you go to Warsaw from Lodz, the traffic jam usually starts in Janki, and the longest part of the journey takes from Janki to Okecie. (btw, if anyone has a confirmed route round the traffic jams, I'd be happy to use it ;)

It's good to know that you don't have to wait in line to check in (with most air carriers).
You may try electronic check-in, I did it last time I was travelling with Air France (they did have a chaos at the chec-in desks) and it took me some 7 minutes (just because it was my first time ;)

Btw.. you really don't want to be travelling by Air France..
10 Mar 2008
News / Should Polish citizens living abroad have the right to vote in elections [69]

So Michal is a Polish citizen? There should be no doubt about his right to vote in Polish elections. Every lawful citizen has a right to shape the political scene in his country, even if he doesn't live in this country at the moment. I believe it is true for most immigrants that they wouldn't leave their country in the first place, if this country offered them work conditions securing an expected standard of living.

Michal may be a resident of Uganda, and I guess he'd still be identifying himself more with Poles than Ugandans (I hope I did not just make up this word ;)
11 Mar 2008
News / Should Polish citizens living abroad have the right to vote in elections [69]

And.. let's face it. There are hundreds (if not more) people living all their lifes in Poland, who have absolutely no clue about politics, and still hold the right to vote. Their votes are probably more often accidental that the votes of Polish immigrants.

I really can't imagine a logical reason to take away the right to vote from Poles living abroad. And those here trying to prove it's legitimate are really saying that the choice of someone living in Poland might be BETTER than the decision of someone living abroad.

I'm sorry to say that (it's not personal) but it's the biggest load of crap I've heard in a long time.. :)

Now, the constitution doesn't MAKE anyone vote, so if anyone doesn't feel comfortable enough with their level of knowledge about Polish politics, they're free to forget about elections. I appreciate the attitude, but let's just leave it this way. Everyone chooses by their own heart and mind, and I don't think that has ever been designed any better way.
13 Mar 2008
Travel / Places to visit near Łódź [9]

There are traces of Jewish history all over Lodz. A must-see is Radegast station, from where the Germans sent Polish Jews from the Lodz gettho to concentration camps.

There is also an old synagogue in the centre of Lodz (the only one that's been saved in the war). And I'm sure there are many more places to see, but unfortunately I'm not a guide..

(I will try to find some links tonight and copy them in here..)

As to around Lodz.. I don't know if you'll have a car, but not too far away are beautiful palaces and garden/forrest complexes in Arkadia i Nieborów (you might google them).

If I find info on some other places, I'll also copy the links here.. :)

btw, £ódź isn't really that bad, if you look close enough.. ;-)
14 Mar 2008
Real Estate / What is normal expectation for furniture from Polish renters? [10]

It really varies. If it is to be long term, some people might want to have their own stuff..

BUT.. most often, they prefer the flat to be furnished, and with as many appliences, equipment, as possible. Just remember, if you furnish the flat, you can charge more for it (and also remember to make a complete list of all the things you rent together with the flat, and include the list to the contract).

I'm renting my flat to a young couple. It had basic furniture in all rooms, and obviously frigde and washing machine.. No utensils, cutlery etc..

Still, I'm not charging them a lot.

Letting the flat to students is probably the easiest way, but might also be the most unfortunate. You should be prepared that they will change often, so you will have to look for renters e.g. every summer. Also, they tend to lead.. hmm.. the normal kind of student life, so you may expect complaints from neighbours. In extreme cases, you may find your flat demolished..

I think you just should take time in choosing the right kind of people for renting it. Especially if you want to do it for a longer period of time.

There is one more way - you can try and let it to a private company. This is probably the best and most lucrative way. :)
14 Mar 2008
Work / University professor salary in Poland? [16]

I've never heard of it being a customory activity for a Polish university. I mean, to find employment for the academic staff's spouses. Nope. Obviously, after a while the teacher gets contacts, and if there's an opening, they would normally first look for someone from their circle, rather than outside the univresity..

Academic teachers may not be earning that much, but you have to remember there are private schools and their range of pay may vary. And as someone mentioned, there are other ways of getting extra money..
14 Mar 2008
Travel / Places to visit near Łódź [9]


Jewish cemetery - Bracka street:

Now, the above is in English, as is the link below to virtual Lodz. (the link I'm pasting will take you to attractions around Lodz)
18 Mar 2008
Travel / Hotel websites that show all hotels available in areas of Poland? [18]

170-240 PLN/night? I wouldn't say this is just reasonable.. unless you usally stay at Hilton's ;)
You shouldn't have problems finding a place to stay. But I also agree with Kowalski, that the beginning of May is going to be tough with booking.. Hurry up! ;)
18 Mar 2008
Love / Questions for a Polish girl - translation [33]

chcesz chlopaka?

^^ lol

Are you looking for a relationship?

Czy szukasz stałego związku? (bliższej znajomości chce 90% facetów, a reszta ma negatywne doświadczenia seksualne ;)