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Jorge ES   
16 Feb 2008
UK, Ireland / Paying tax in the UK??? Then you're breaking the law!! [41]

I guess the people killed in a war would be much happier if the war would be legal...

Meanwhile, I will keep paying my taxes, because in the HMRC offices won't understand this crusade.

Jorge ES   
16 Feb 2008
UK, Ireland / Tide turns as Poles end great migration [26]

I think is clear we should differenciate between the people who migrate for improving a career, and the people who migrate in order to save money and have a better life back in home.

In the first case, people usually stay (me). IN the second case, people come back when their economically situation is better. Havins said that, we need to know that the economy is improving as fast as Kubica running in a BMW :D.

So why stay here? This is nothing new, and that has happend with any massive migration movement, and it will happen again.

For Poland is great news, because qualified people, with different business minds are coming back to home.

And please, don't use the nosense argument of Poles taking their money back to Poland. What they will do? Leave it in NatWest?.

I wonder why not many people are scandalise by British pensionist taking their money to Italy and Spain... ,)

BTW: Recently a Briton raped a 14 y.o. girl in Malaga. Is that the British identity, Mashu?
Jorge ES   
16 Feb 2008
UK, Ireland / Some EXAMPLES of salaries of Poles working and living in the UK. [49]

Grzegorz_ wrote:
You are proving again and again how little you know about a country you live in.

So how much are Polish doctors paid by the state compared to what lawyers , accountants, actuaries, journalists etc earn ?

How many journalist do you know payed by the state?

The point is the salaries for those working in the private sector. Yes, now you can compare a doctor in medicine with a journalist. And it isn't 150 GBP.