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2 Jun 2008
News / "We buy out Poland, Hungary, and Romania!" - the President of Israel [74]

Next hundreds???

The deadline will be the next 25 years already...then the demographic bomb will have exploded...the Israel as it is now won't exist anymore.

PS: I think lot's of Poles profited from german firms settling in Poland due the lower wages and lower overall costs, leaving unemployed Germans behind, you shouldn't forget about that!

What do you exactly mean? There are a lot of international companies, which have settled in poland, not only german. 25 years? Quite possible, 20% of the israeli living in Israel are already arabs now. And they are not loyal citizens.

I think you soon will also get problems in germany too!? With the turks, right?
It was a big mistake to let them into your country.
2 Jun 2008
News / "We buy out Poland, Hungary, and Romania!" - the President of Israel [74]

I agree in full with you! Israel is a very instable country. Just out of demographic reasons. This state will have enormous problems to stay alive in the next 100 years. The arabs won't give up, until Israel is destroyed. And the Iranians are still continuing with their nuclear programme, while the US are still captured in Iraq. Finally, if all ropes should break one day, Poland could again become a second Israel for the jews, this time from Israel. And I think this scenario is quite real in my opinion. No jew would ever like to live in a state, where the majority is arabic.
2 Jun 2008
News / "We buy out Poland, Hungary, and Romania!" - the President of Israel [74]

Kuchi, it was a joke. And he didn't say buying out, he said buying up. Huge difference. Don't you realize that's there's a lot of foreign capital being invested in Poland these days?

Look! The foreign capital is not invested to help us, it's invested to earn money in poland. e.g. a big company builds 100.000 new houses. --> They just want to earn buy doing so, that means, that more capital, than has been invested will after that leave the country later! I don't talk about factories, which are being bulid in poland, where they pay taxes and create new jobs. Look at countries like germany and look at us, we've got a very big negative Current account balance, that means we import more, than we export, countries like Germany become richer, we in fact are getting poorer, because a negative c.a.balance means, that the wealth/assets of a nation decrease. So in fact there are investments, but a lot of foreign companies suck the money out of poland again, to maximize their profits.

Examples are: Real estate companies, All those big supermarkets, like Tesco, Praktiker, Real,..... i.t.dalej.

And you can also take a look on the c.a. balance of the USA. The have become a country which in the past years hat to made a lot of debts, just to finance their consumption of chinese and other products. The falling dollar is also a consequence of the gigantic negative c.a. balance.

---> Polacy sa frajery! Inni nas ograbia i uzaleznia szybciej niz mislimy!
---> Poles are naive! Other nations will plunder us faster, than we think.
1 Jun 2008
News / "We buy out Poland, Hungary, and Romania!" - the President of Israel [74]

How to think about that? First it looks to me like a joke, but finally the last sentence is quite improtant. I'm not antisemitic, to say that first, but obviously the influence of the jewish lobby in poland is rising exponentially, e.g. if you see such projects like the planned "Shalom Tower" in Warsaw:

This project will cost more than several hundred million Euro, where does all this money come from? And who needs such a gigantic project, just for the jewish community, when there are not living more than 5.000 to 6.000 jews in whole poland. Very strange!
23 Feb 2008
UK, Ireland / Three more Polish males lose lives on Irish roads [18]

Again, I was shocked to see on the news that out of 7 fatalities on the Republic of Ireland roads this weekend, 3 of them unfortunately were Polish, it also appears at this moment in time, that fault lay with them for both accidents, which claimed the remainder of the lives lost.

This is another tradgedy for all concerned.

Can our Polish contributors please try and explain why their countrymen appear to be so dangerous on the road?

Yes, I can explain that to you! The poles in my eyes are just quite irresponsible people. I learned to drive in germany, most germans drive very carefully and always even think about their personal responsibility for other people who drive on the roads. Not so the poles. When I first came to poland with my car, I was shocked!! Some poles behave like criminals on the roads, not taking responsibility for anyone. Maybe its just 1% of the polish drivers, which act in that way, but this small minority is responsible for this terrible accidents, even on western european roads. But don't worry! It's getting better and better and soon the discipline will rise.
1 Feb 2008
History / Video of polish soldier history [39]

How do you find this video?
Please rate!

The Battle of Monte Cassino
1 Feb 2008
News / Poland and satellites in space [17]

Does Poland have any satellites in space. How does that work in the EU ? Is it a shared situation?

Well see.