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4 Mar 2008
Love / Dating a Polish girl - need some advice [45]

i guess so krysia oh well. things happen for a reason. atleast i helped her out a lil. i cancel the k1 application since i last spoke to her if it didnt work when we was good it will not work now or when she gets here. i liked her but i just cant be with some1 that try to change me. or who to hang out with and what to do or not to do and i know thats what bother her the most. ill just keep looking maybe i give it another try with another polish girl
26 Feb 2008
Love / Dating a Polish girl - need some advice [45]

ok she just a ***** i guess she hit me up on skype and told me to call her then she didnt even give me some bull **** that she dont know that we talk tommorow now am just **** the f off and i told her that am tired of her **** and she need to know what she want 2day by the time i get back from work or she can 4get about me. i dont know if it was the right thing to say since i care about her a lot but i had enought of her games let me knwo what you guys think

i end it with her didnt want to do it on the computer but i did it since she didnt even want to talk to me on the phone
25 Feb 2008
Love / Dating a Polish girl - need some advice [45]

yeah i was thinking of that maybe she is 2 young to get marry or maybe just never had some1 that really care for her and now she dont know how to take it. maybe i was too nice i send her flowers before just because i missed her at times i called her everyday to c how she doing and if she ever needed anything i was there to help her. if she calls me today ill post up any new info. thanks everyone for your opinions
24 Feb 2008
Love / Dating a Polish girl - need some advice [45]

am dating a polish girl 2 and i got a problem can you guys help me 2? here is my problem amd dominican and she polish we both okay with that she in poland at the moment she left because her visa was ending i didnt want her to i even ask her to marry me so she can stay am a us citizen and i make enought for her and me to live but she still left . my problem now is she got denied for a second visa now she stook there and it hasnt been the same since i just got back from poland 1 week ago everything was cool and all her family love me but we had 1 fight there cuz she said am 2 imature about stuff for a 24 year old guy soon 25 in july she is only 20 going to 21 in may. like i really dont know what do do anymore more none of my friends say that imature ever only she has. i dont know much about polish people but us dominicans like to show we care she doesnt like showing her emotions and she think am imature because of that in a way. now she ask me to give her time to think should i end it or give her the time she asked me for. she asked me on fri to give her time until monday but i know she wont tell me nothing tomorrow. so far i havent call her am letting her call me.