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Russians are Ugro-finnized Poles - no way around it !

Sokrates 8 | 3,345  
15 Dec 2009 /  #32
not exactly. Russians are actualy Poles who migrated to the east and then had wild sex with Ugro-Fines.

OP Borrka 37 | 593  
15 Dec 2009 /  #33
What civilization you are talking about? Polish?

Whatever you say Kostik, you're my beloved brother from now and I consider Russians to be the lost ten tribes of Poland .
Now I understand your eternal drive to pay us a friendly visit - it must be terrible ... just like some kids lost in your woods, surrounded by Moomin trolls and Chukhontsy ...

Good for you to have at least some nice Snegurochkas in the darkness.
Crow 155 | 9,030  
17 Dec 2009 /  #34
but, listen this dobri brate Borrka. It is true that Russians are Poles, speaking about genetic origin of population BUT....

you probably heard that Serbian ethnic name most probable offering to us insight into form of our common orginal Sarmatian ethnic name. It is even said that Serbian ethnic name represent oldest original ethnic designation of Western civilization, of all the Whites, of all Europeans and all Slavs

So, i was very surprised when searching thru the deepest roots of Serbian ethnic name i founded that Russian ethnic name could be even older or that at least was formed in era close to era when Serbian (Sarmatian) ethnic name was formed.

but now, with time i more and more incline to conclusion that Russian ethnic name (some Proto Slavic) ethnic name based on root RUS/ROS realy could be older then Serbian ethnic name. If it could be so, we can say that before universal name of Sarmatians for all the Slavs we had one even older ethnic designation based on root RUS/ROS.

How is this possible?

Following deepest roots of Serbian (Sarmatian) ethnic name we coming to conclusion that Serbian ethnic name represent (when we explain true sense and meaning of the word)- that `Serbians (read Sarmatians) are numerous brotherly people` (people of common origin). In short, all this explaining to us why Sarmatian name was used as designation for ancient Slavic tribal alliances and conglomerates (Sarmatism- social structure).

situation in today`s Serbian language, speaking of menaing, sense and sound of the word:


See, we do have one primordial word (BRAT- BROTHER in English) as root of Serbian/Sarmatian ethnic name but here, that primordial word serve as designation of social structure/ethnic grupation of ONE people that share its origin. But, what people? This question intrigues me for very long time, i must admit

So, if Sarmatian ethnic name ultimately reffering on ancient social structure of ethnicaly kin tribes/people i must say that Russian ethnic name leads me to conclusion that ethnic designation on root RUS/ROS giving me an explanation about true background of people that used that `Serbian/Sarmatian` name to designate its social structure/alliances.

Translating from Slavic languages that ancient ethnic designation in English, i can say, we speak about RED people, meaning about ROSE people, in fact about WHITES.

How that? Its simple,... ethnic name based on RUS/ROS reffering on (in Serbian language) `RUJNI LJUDI` (red/rose people). So, it reffers on racial characteristic of anciant Proto Slavs, designated them as White race. It also refferes on (in Serb.) `RODJACI` (cousins in Eng.) meaning `kin people of same racial origin`.

No wonder that old designation for Serbia was also RASKA (Rashka), RAS. Serbians- RACOWIE in Polish. Ethnic names based on roots SRB and RUS goes hand in hand throughout history. Name of Slavs coming much later.

How i see things... it could be that ancient primordial and universal name of Proto Slavs possible was based on name RUS and when that ancient people started to forming tribal alliances some universal name based on root SRB was formed. More later, in order to underline their difference from others in linguistic sense ancient Slavs started to use name of `Slavs` as universal, menaing `we are the people who can speak, others are mute`.

What i wanted to say, Russians are Poles and Poles are Russians.
Bratwurst Boy 11 | 11,810  
17 Dec 2009 /  #35

You can even find traces of that today everywhere...take only Germany's famous BRATwurst....definitely a sarmatian invention, it's so clear, isn't it?
Crow 155 | 9,030  
17 Dec 2009 /  #36
at least, its not SESTRAwurst. To put cross on myself [fast and several times]
southern 74 | 7,074  
17 Dec 2009 /  #37
The Byzantines(we) called them Rus because Rus meant in slavic languages the red I think and they were impressing when they tried to capture Constantinopol,powerful Slavs with red hair.We tried to civilize them by giving them alphabet and turning them to christianity.

The Serbs were allowed to descend in region of today's Serbia in order to protect the empire from the constant invasions of Huns and Mongols.By the time the Serbs got there,the invasions stopped because the invador had to first fight the Serbs(not an easy task).

Because Slavs were peaceful,they made good impression and were allowed to stay to make the population of these deserted areas(and devastated by constant barbarian invasions) more dense.
Crow 155 | 9,030  
18 Dec 2009 /  #38

with all due respect but Slavs, particulary Serbs (also known as Rashani, Triballi, Tracians, Iliryans, Sarmatians, Scordisci, etc) were there on Balkan, on their own land much before God even had idea about Byzantine, Rome or Greaks.
BrutalButcher - | 389  
18 Dec 2009 /  #39
Illyrians were Slavs? So are you saying that Albanians have Slavic ascendancy?
Crow 155 | 9,030  
19 Dec 2009 /  #40
forget about Albanian (Shiftar) propaganda. Albanians are Semitics and they were last who arrived on Balkan. They came and strenghten with Turkish invasion. Now, Albanian scholars under Italian influence spread lies how Iliryans were Albanians. Absolute nonsense that serve to idea of Greater Albania


Under Leopold I (1636-1705) the Serbs or Raizi, who had been established on Hungarian territory since 1690, were designated as the Illyrian nation; to provide for their protection against Magyar incursions a special office was created at the Court of Vienna, known as the Illyrian Court Deputation, which was abolished in 1777, and in 1791 enjoyed a brief revival as the "Illyrian Imperial Chancery."

BrutalButcher - | 389  
19 Dec 2009 /  #41

Albanians semitic? For me they are Turks...they look Turkish ,even.
Seanus 15 | 19,674  
19 Dec 2009 /  #42
The certainly bear a resemblance to Turks. As for the thread, Ugro??
ConstantineK 26 | 1,292  
20 Dec 2009 /  #43
I should disappoint you. Albanians are autochtonic people who had lived there long before serbs and may be even before latins had settled in opposite italy. So, if we want to be honest, we ought to admit that Kosovo belongs them by right.
Crow 155 | 9,030  
21 Dec 2009 /  #44
if you want me to be honest, i think that you aren`t informed

or maybe you provoke because i agree that Russians are Poles?

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