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Generał Nil

sjam 2 | 541  
9 Apr 2009 /  #32
I still remember when Sjam called openly for murder of Polish babies

You remember this? Really? Please show me any post of mine where I ever mentioned 'Polish babies' let alone openly called for their murder? I have not ever mentioned babies of any kind, well maybe I might have called you a baby before but if I haven't I should have done as it would be true ;-)

disregard his posts he's anti-Polish.

I agree 100% I am anti-Polish when it comes to Polish anti-semites like you Sokrates and your ilk!

I concur.

I repeat.... that is just your opinion. Mine is direct experience of which you can have no knowledge.
OP 1jola 14 | 1,879  
17 Jul 2009 /  #33
In today's Zycie Warszawy there is an article about IPN historians finding a raport in the archives from 12 April 1956 written by the Rackowiecka Street Prison gravedigger.

It states that Gen. Nil, and 250 other AK soldiers, were burried(dumped) on the outskirts of the Powązki Cemetary.

IPN is considering exhuming the bodies of the murdered soldiers for proper burial.
17 Jul 2009 /  #34
IPN is considering exhuming the bodies of the murdered soldiers for proper burial.

Why are they only considering it?

My guess is that they're worried such a task might interfer with their usual work (i.e. selectively leaking bullsh!t about the contents of the Commie-era secret files).
OP 1jola 14 | 1,879  
17 Jul 2009 /  #35
They need approval from first from the city, the cemetary authorities, and the Health Dept.
17 Jul 2009 /  #36
So why aren't they applying for those? Why are they only 'considering' it?!
OP 1jola 14 | 1,879  
17 Jul 2009 /  #37
I think they are. Fieldorf's daughter doesn't think it will happen, but she's been searching for her father's grave for over 50 years and she is probably sceptical. The article is short and I don't know anything else about it.

Considering because the are probably other graves on top of the pits now and I have no idea what are the ethical issues involved.
Ozi Dan 26 | 569  
18 Jul 2009 /  #38
My father was told by his regimental commander that no matter what he achieved in service he would never rise rank to be a commisioned officer as he was Polish!

Have to agree with Isthatu2 that this anecdote is probably bollocks, but we all have our stories;-);-);-). My grand uncle (the one holding the sword in the photo in my profile) rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Brit army before retiring. The difference could be though that he was szlachta and a pulkownik in the Polish army and yours wasn't ;-);-);-)
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,176  
6 Aug 2009 /  #39
Out of interest, were you 18 before or after 1989? And did you return to Poland before or after that date?

I am 18 and I am in Poland.

Harry reminds me of thoose communists soldiers in Poland who said "Remember we are Poles too!"

Then why did they fight their own people? They were dirty sociaslitsc crap = soviets.
Homo sovieticus worst bull**** ever

Ozi Dan, mine grand grand fathers were also "Szlachta" but they were more interessted to shoot with their rifles then drinking liqid behind the frontier

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