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The execution of Private Eddie Slovik (A Polish American )

nunczka 8 | 458  
22 Dec 2008 /  #1
the only American soldier executed for cowardice in WW2.

Slovik was taken into custody and confined to the division stockade. The divisional judge advocate, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Sommer, again offered Slovik an opportunity to rejoin his unit and have the charges against him suspended. He offered to transfer Slovik to a different infantry regiment where no one would know of his past and he could start with a "clean slate". Slovik, convinced that he would face only jail time, which he had experienced and found preferable to combat, declined these offers, saying, "I've made up my mind. I'll take my court martial."
Ignac - | 28  
22 Dec 2008 /  #2
I read that story a couple of years ago. If I recall right, there were some soldiers in the firing squad that refused to fire. They were replaced. There was also a movie made of that episode.. I saw it.. Very sad.
wildrover 98 | 4,451  
22 Dec 2008 /  #3
I am a little surprised that he was the only one executed for cowardice , seems the Americans were a little more humane than The Russians and Germans in this respect....

Its sad , but i suppose they had to make an example of somebody to deter others who didn,t want to fight......
joepilsudski 26 | 1,389  
22 Dec 2008 /  #4
If Slovak had been Jewish, he would have received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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