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Zapolski- came to New York in the early 1900s, any info?

adpikasey 2 | -  
5 Jun 2009 /  #1
My family name is Zapolski. My great grandmother came to NY in the early 1900's. Anyone know of any Zapolski's???
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387  
7 Jun 2009 /  #2
My family name is Zapolski.

Of the 469 people with this name... most of them come from north-east Poland.

As it is a border area then it's possible that your Great-Grandmother was born in a place that is no longer Poland. To understand this you should read up on Polish history... the short version at wikipedia.

Check your Great-Grandmother's Naturalization Records or Immigration Records. Then get back to us with a place name.

Do a search at:

Enter only the surname. Make sure that you also try Zapolska, which is the female form.
sforest - | 1  
27 Jul 2009 /  #3
My grandmother was Kate(Kazimiera) Zapolski who came to NY about 1895 and eventually settled in Maspeth, NY. She had three sisters and three brothers who came to NY between the years 1890 - 1902, Sophia, Mary, Kamilla, Ludwig, Konstanty and Joseph. If you are related I have more information. They came from BÄ…dkowo-Rochny in Poland.
5 Oct 2009 /  #4
My maiden name is Zapolski. My father's name was Teofil (Theophile) born Oct 27, 1912 and my mother's name was Maria (Zajacz) born Feb 28, 1921. They came to the US via New York in October 1956. It was rumored that my father had a sister named Clara or Carla of which little information is known due to her and my father being separated and brought up in orphanges.

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