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Surnames...Papczynski, Taberski (or Taberska), Starkweather

LynnPapczynski 1 | 3  
17 Jul 2008 /  #1
I started my genealogy search 13 years ago and then put it down. But I have started it back up in full swing. I am totally enjoying it.

My maiden name is Papczynski. I found a Papczynski in Germany back in 2000. Henryk wrote to me and the letter is all in Polish. My father had a very hard time translating it because it was written German/Polish.

So I have put the letter down thinking I would never be able to get it translated. I have tried the online translation programs but they cannot translate all of the words.

I do not speak, write or read Polish. So I was hoping that maybe someone knows someone that could translate this letter for me if I scan it and send it to them via e-mail? If there is a charge for it I would like to know.

Appreciate any help.

Lynn Papczynski Hudak
South Carolina
Franek 8 | 271  
17 Jul 2008 /  #2
I think that I know someone that can help you..I belong to another Polish Forum that is administered by a very bright woman. She is a Physicist from Cracow,l iving in IDAHO. Her name is JAGA. Tell her exactly what you stated on here.. She is fluent in Polish, French, Russian,, German and English.

You can tell her that Franek sent you..We have been friends for years.. Below is the URL. I will watch the results.
OP LynnPapczynski 1 | 3  
17 Jul 2008 /  #3
Paternal side:
Papczynski, Taberski (or Taberska) Starkweather, Paidle, Grochowalski, Nowaczewski,Lentych.

Maternal Side:
Brajcki (or Bracki), Lentek, Klucenik.

On the paternal side I can get back to 1840's but I am still trying to get farther.
On the maternal side, I can get back to 1899 still looking.

The Brajcki's all settled in Chicago ILL. I have found some in CA that have died.

I thank you all in advance if you can help me.

I do have 469 people on my dad's side and only 30 on mom's side. I am making head way but still looking.

Lynn Papczynski Hudak

Thank you Franek, I will get in contact with her right now.

Lynn Papczynski Hudak
Franek 8 | 271  
17 Jul 2008 /  #4
Jaga, teaches Physics at a University in Idaho Falls..She is pressed for time.. So give her a day or two.. I assure you.. She will answer you..
OP LynnPapczynski 1 | 3  
18 Jul 2008 /  #5
Jaga contacted me and I sent her the letter that I could not translate. She said she is busy but will get to it. I am so excited to know I will finally find out what he said.

Thank you so much for giving me Jaga website.

Lynn Papczynski Hudak

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