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Polonius3 986 | 12,343  
19 Dec 2008 /  #1
I hope this isn't overstepping some Forum rule, butu it is a long drawn-out procedure to try to answer several surname queries and be told you have to wait because you were the last poster. Instead, I am herewithproviding a wholesale reply to a handful of recent queries:

** Jarmuła from jarmolić (to make a racket) might have meant a noisy SOB.
**Wójcik (the village mayor’s son) – Poland’s 4th most popular surname with nearly 100,000 users.
**Wolmut, Polish transcription of German Wohlmut (wellbeing).
**Juszyczyzn doesn't seem quite right. Could it have been Juszyczyn or Juszczyszyn?
**Ciężczak is a properly formed patronymic nickname for the son of someone called Ciężki (heavy, overweight or dull of mind).
**Mądrzykowski looks to have arisen as a double patronymic nickname. Someone locally known as Mądry (the wise one) sired a son who was called Mądzryk. When he in turn married and fathered a son (out-of-wedlock bastards were not well looked upon back then!), fellow-villagers might have called him Mądrzykowski.

**Lelakowski – possibly from lelać się (to swing, rock, sway); someone who walked this way might have been dubbed lelak and his son became lelakowski; or from lelek (goatsucker – a nocturnal bird) or the locality of Lelek.

Anyone interested in a complete surname analysis (derivation, no. of users, their place of residence and coat of arms if any) may conatct research60@gmail

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