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How Poles regard their ancestors? Do they honor them with some custom?

Crow 160 | 10,992  
21 Nov 2008 /  #1
i`m just in the mood to start this thread now....

Today is November 21, St. Archangel Michael`s day by Orthodox calendar, my family SLAVA day by St. Sava`s Serbian Orthodox Church. But, due to various obligations i would celebrate tomorrow. Today, i managed to visit Church at least and to make preparations for tomorrow celebration.

Guests- my godfather, relatives and friends would come to my house, i would personally serve them,... i would do my best to endure whole morning/day/evening banquet/celebration (banquet on serb. `slava/slavlje`) on my legs while trying to avoid to sit on the chair with my guests (... its because, by tradition, people believe that while one serve his guest, his oldest ancestor sit on his right shoulder during celebration; in modern interpretation `giving maximum of honor to the ancestors`).

as Serbians believe, serving their guests during SLAVA day, they giving respect to their ancestors and together in union with them they worship their Saint protector of family (in my case- St. Archangel Michail), who present family to the Christ and His beloved Mother.

SLAVA is pre-Christian custom which was worshiped by ALL Slavs in deep past. Now, Serbs (particulary Balkan/Southern Serbs) are only Slavs that preserved old original custom (rituals), under its original name (Slava), in its Christianized form.

So, I would like to ask… How Poles regard and honor their ancestors?

beckski 12 | 1,617  
21 Nov 2008 /  #2
I love all my ancestors. I say my prayers in Polish each night before bed.
OP Crow 160 | 10,992  
21 Nov 2008 /  #3
that`s my way, too
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446  
21 Nov 2008 /  #4
All Saints/All Souls Days (1-2 Nov.) are the time Poles remember their late lamented family memebrs with prayers, masses and decorating their graves with votive lamps and flowers. Setting an extra place at table on Christmas Eve (Wigilia) is also often done in memory of a departed loved one.

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