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Annab - Looking for my Polish ancestors

annab 6 | 23  
13 Nov 2005 /  #1

I am looking for my deceased father's family; he was born in Poland. He came from a small village that I cannot possibly locate. I have tried contacting parishes in different places to see if they could help, but nobody responded. Maybe, there is a procedure I am not aware of, or a place I should contact to get my research started.

As I am aging, I would like to find my Polish family before it is too late. If anybody can give me any hints how to proceed, I would truly appreciate it. I know other people have been successful in locating their Polish relatives, so I though someone who knows what to do would see my post and give me some advice.

Thank you.
16 Nov 2005 /  #2
I would like to know more about your family, and how lost occured,a clair picture of the condition , my guide me to help you.

OP annab 6 | 23  
16 Nov 2005 /  #3

My father emigrated from Poland as a young man. He probably neglected correspondence with his relatives and over time lost touch. I have a number of relatives from my mother's side, but I do think knowing where the other side of my family comes from is important. I know the name of the village where my father was born, but there are at least two other small villages with the same name and my attempts of contacting local parishes brought no results.

Any suggestions?

17 Nov 2005 /  #4
I have tried contacting parishes in different places to see if they could help, but nobody responded.

Maybe you could try local newspapers? Or turn to "local guys" who may be able to help you...

Good Luck!
22 Nov 2005 /  #5
try you luck... what is the name of the village?

A friend
27 Nov 2005 /  #6
Anna, When did your father Pass away? recent?
If you know his social Security Number, you can probably write to
them and get his original application. it will have his parents names
on it. also, there is a way if he came himself from poland, and has a
Green card, and no naturalization, then you can write to your local
office and get his info from them, I wrote for my grandmothers papers
cause she didnt become citizen of United states, and they sent me
the boat she came on, her friend, paperwork she had to fill out etc
it shows the towns in which they came. that would be your best
route. Email me I will try to find the local
office ok :) Patricia.

Anna , What is your fathers Name? Do you live in united states? or poland?
did he live here too? more info is needed to help you, I am usually pretty
good at finding things here in united states to start. Patricia
28 Nov 2005 /  #7
I have a contact in Krakow (Cracow) Poland who can place an Ad for you, in Polish, in a Krakow newspaper. Her name is Barbara, she speaks English and writes in English perhaps she could help you.

Upon request I can send you her phone # and her e-mail address.
Good luck,
Adela Chudziak - Bak
Phoenix, Arizona:)
Please visit my site:
20 Jul 2007 /  #8
hi... is annab your family name...
im from a family called annab... that is located in the middle east... i dont know if that is realated... but if you need info i might help

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