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Malcharek, Majcherek? Looking for Polish Ancestors in Chelmek, Poland

6 Mar 2006 /  #1
I am trying to trace my grandfathers family. My grandfather was born in Chelmek, Poland but died in Detroit, Michigan, USA. His date of birth was May 4, 1890. I have just received a copy of his Arbeitsbudi (Workbook) when he worked in Germany from October 30, 1907 to July 29, 1912. His workbook has his name as Kasimin Malcharek, Chelmek, Poland. His father's name in the Workbook as Franz Malcharek, Chelmek, Poland. I also find on a Polish document, Wyciag metrykalny, the name Kasminerza Majcherek or Kasminerza Majcherka or Majcharka. It is very difficult to read the writing not being able to read Polish.

My grandfather was miner. There is a Miner Union Office location of 311, Chelmek, Poland in the Workbook. He went on to work for Georg & Grube from October 30, 1907 to April 13, 1912 (Location I can not read). He then went on to work for Kopalnie Wegla, Compagnie Gal. de Mines, Libiaz-Galicya from 21 IV 1912 to 29 VII 1912. I did find on another document the union number of 15782 Letter M.

My grandfather had 2 brothers, Ignacy and Mikoaj who later came to live in America. There was a sister who stayed in Poland, Teresa. They were born in Chelmek, Poland.

If anyone could help me to locate my Polish ancestors it would be so greatly appreciated. I am very willing to mail or send by computer the images/copies of the documents for further translation.

Please, you can email me at

Thank you.
OP Guest  
6 Mar 2006 /  #2
Your grandfather's name was most probably "Kazimierz Majcherek"
'Kazimierza Majcherka' has inflectional endings added for grammatical reasons. The base form is as above. I would suggest writing to the authorities of Chelmek.
OP Guest  
4 Apr 2006 /  #3
I too am researching my grandfather's family of Malcharek from Poland. (actually, where they are from is present-day Ukraine, but they were of Polish nationality). I have seen it spelled as Majchurek in one instance.

I found the original baptismal records (which are all in latin) and the latin spelling is Malcharek.

It seems to be quite an uncommon polish name.

The time period of this family, so far is up to 1890 in Galicia, and I have not been able to trace them further. Apparently, the town they were from 'forced' the polish nationals into exhile, and they were sent somewhere in Poland. (very confusing with all the border changes back in the day!) My great-grandfather (Marian Malcharek) immigrated to Canada in 1913. His father was Julian Malcharek, and he was supposedly nobility of some sort. He worked as a forest magistrate on an estate. He had a sister named Sofia, and their parents were Karol Malcharek and Leonida Kleczynski.

There was a rumor that one of the Malcharek relatives went to the States, but the names you provided don't ring any bells. But then again, my research so far has been limited.

I would gladly share any research with you, if I come across anything that could help you.
6 Jan 2007 /  #4
I most probably going about this the wrong way but I haven't got a clue where to start and saw your name on the internet.

I am of Polish origin and am hoping I have family out there somewhere in the name of Olenderkiewicz.

Hope you can help

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