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lavender278 1 | 2   5 Jun 2008 /  #1
Looking for Relatives in Poland or who might have immigrated to US.
Mom's side--at least my Babcia was from Lublin, south of Warsaw. Her name-Mary WINARSKA. She had a sister, and brother--Stanley WINARSKI, who moved to Warsaw after WWII. My Grandpa's name--Franciszek(Frank) POREMBIAK(this is the most common spelling I've found). He had a sister--Julianna. My Great-Grandparents--Agnes & Andrew Winarski.

Dad's side--my Grandpa--Franciszek(Frank) MALYSZ(MALISH). My Babcia--ROSALIA(ROSE) DUDA. I have no idea where in POLAND they were from; only know they came to US before 1915--since all thier children were born in Pennsylvania.

Both sides of the family grew-up in DETROIT, MI, USA

Polonius3 1,020 | 12,550   6 Jun 2008 /  #2
For more information on bearers of the MA£YSZ, WINARSKI, POREMBIAK, and DUDA surnames, where they live and how to track down long-lost relations in Poland, please contact at your earliest convenience.

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