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stachupie18 1 | 1  
8 May 2008 /  #1
Any Piekarski Members in Warsaw ,or Dominczak ,family linked to 7Nowolipki st,or Twarda street ,or the Piekarski family who used to live at ul Cyryla i Metodego ,

any info would be a great help ,thanks
Ozi Dan 26 | 566  
8 May 2008 /  #2
See my thread in Polish History section.

Henryk Piekarski - shot at Palmiry with 190 others on 26.2.1940 in reprisal for the killing of Burgomaster Marilke.

Anna Wladyslawa Piekarska shot 14.6.40 - no other details.

Ryszard Dominczak - born 1909 and shot at Palmiry on 14.12.39 with 46 others.
OP stachupie18 1 | 1  
9 May 2008 /  #3
Thanks for the info on Piekarski members being shot at Palmiry and Ryszard Dominczak ,it's really sad to think one man can lift a gun or weapon , and take the life of another human being ,but being a nation of fighters what can we do about it ,will peace ever prevail doub't it ,any way i tend to agree with Tornado's comment ,i know going back to when i was very young ,my father saying his family were shot ,so i will do some research ,on the names you gave me and just hope i come up with someone ,who knows them i know my fathers wife was still alive in 1958 ,been over in Warsaw this year and found a lot of useful info ,and must admitt had a great time,thanks again.

Thread attached on merging:
Piekarski Franciszek.

I am searching for i think the brother of my father (my uncle ) my fathers name was Adam Piekarski ,born in Strzyzew , Poland,06/08/1906 ,as far as i understand Franciszek immigrated to the U S or Canada, just hope he had a family there and maybe some one knows or is related to him could help with my search .

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