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Looking For Polish girl Ivana (Yvonna?) living in Amsterdam...Please.

rmpope 1 | 2  
15 Jul 2007 /  #1
I had a really great time talking & dancing with a very lovely Polish young woman, named Ivana, last Friday evening (13 Jul) in Amsterdam. I do not know the correct spelling of her name. She lives here in Amsterdam and her brother lives here, too. They were out with their mother who I believe is visiting for the mom's birthday. Ivana is quite tall with long dark brown hair. One unique thing is she spoke several languages including Hebrew. She said she's not jewish but works for Israelis or something. I was going to get her phone number, but after the dancing she left very quickly because the mom wanted to go, but I felt a connection between us. I thought there was something special going on, so if you think you may know Ivanna, please contact me, I'd love to see her again! Again, she doesn't really look "Polish" (more Italian-looking) - tall, with long, dark brown hair, living in Amsterdam for about 4 years, her brother lives here too, and she speaks hebrew along with her other languages: english, french, spanish, polish, little dutch and the rest. If you think you know her and reply, you may make two people very happy. I will look back on the site for replies. My name is Robert from Chicago & California in the USA, living in Amsterdam at the moment.

Many thanks,

Bdog145 1 | 2  
15 Jul 2007 /  #2
Good luck man...I really hope you find her--that would be awesome!!!
Eurola 4 | 1,906  
15 Jul 2007 /  #3
No phone number or email exchange after such a nice evening? How did you part?
OP rmpope 1 | 2  
16 Jul 2007 /  #4
We were talking, having a great time, then the band played a great salsa tune. She was out with her mom & brother and I said "I'm going to dance but I'll be back in a few minutes", then she said, "hey, let's dance together" That's what i really wanted, but I didn't ask her because I didn't want to take her away from her brother & mom. Anyway, we started dancing, then another, and another, really having fun. She had to go back to her mom and brother and i just wanted to give them some space to talk. When I went to the bar and came back, they had left. I was bummed - I thought for sure I'd get an email or number. I think the mom was waiting for us to finish dancing to be able to leave, but I had no idea it would be so soon. I walked around outside looking for them, but no luck.
beckski 12 | 1,617  
16 Jul 2007 /  #5
she doesn't really look "Polish

I didn't know we Polish women were supposed to have a certain look about us. I've seen some of my ancestor's photos. Many were beautiful women with dark hair and dark eyes. However, they certainly didn't look Italian.
16 Jul 2007 /  #6
go to the red light you will find her there !
OP rmpope 1 | 2  
16 Jul 2007 /  #7
Listen, I didn't mean it in a bad way. I was just trying to think of a way to distinguish the looks. When I first saw her I was trying to guess "from which country" which I do for fun here in Amsterdam because it is so international. And I was guessing for fun probably Italian or Spanish. I was happy to hear she was Polish because I feel you are more down to earth, easy going (but I don't want to generalize, right?) Of course there is no "Polish" look and its a very, very big country with a diverse people culturally. I was hanging out earlier with about 5 or 6 other Polish at the bar and they were all blond or light brown hair with fair skin. I am sorry if I offended anyone...only posting because I am a hopeless romantic. Thanks.
16 Jul 2007 /  #8
waw , i also met with a polish girl in Netherlands and we went to spain together , i loved her , she was simple , laid-back, beautiful , and after all a great personality

we figured out that we should live together where i live in New York, but she couldn't wait for 3 month until i travel to poland to bring her. bad ending , though i still want a polish girl.

I'm planning on going there for vacation may be i get lucky.

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