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Families Bajak, Sobolewski from Nisko

15 Apr 2007 /  #1
I will going to Poland in September and plan on returning to my GGrandfather/mother's home. Joszef and Frances left for the US in 1903 (maybe) His father was Michal and Mother was Catherine Lach. Her father was Jan Sobolewski. He came to the US in 1910. They settled and died in Lawrence Massachusetts. A city noted for its immigrant population and labour history.

If anyone knows anything about any of these familes, I would appreciate it.

Also if anyone can tell me where I might find vital records for my ancestors, I would appreciate it more.

OP denver  
16 Apr 2007 /  #3
I've been through Ancestry(paid), Genealogy, Rootsweb and Polish American Genealogy. Bajak is not a common name. Like many East Europeans my Polish ancestors were quick to forget their roots, prefering to look forward. So I am really flying blind here.
3 May 2007 /  #4
My Grandfather's name is Stanislaw Sobolewski. He lived in Nisko for many years. I don't know the name of his father / grandfather. I think he was born in Przedzel 7 km from Nisko.

Please contact his children zofiakoza@hotmail -Zofia Koza - lives in Massachusetts - Tadeusz Sobolewski used to live in Massachusetts, now in Poland
Both, they speak english

Janusz Korczak-jkorczak@hotmail
12 May 2007 /  #5
Thank you

There is a Stanislaw Sobolewski in my rersearch. Came over with mother Josefa and father Jan in 1909 at the age of 21. Also had a sister Agnieska. His older sister Frances was my great grandmother.

I will be reaching to those contacts you.

John Peterson
warrga 1 | 2  
1 May 2009 /  #6
I'm researching the BRYZELAK, BOCIAN, SOBOLEWSKI, GOLEMBIEWSKI, ANDRASKA surnames. Anna Bocian married Anton J. Bryzelak Sept. 10, 1888 in Toledo, OH-- after Anton's death (June 1919) , Anna married John ANDRASKA on Nov. 3, 1931 in Toledo, OH ... Anna's maiden name was SOBOLEWSKI - her parents were Lucas BOCIAN and Michalina SOBOLEWSKI. I would appreciate any info you might have on these families and I'll be happy to share what I have.


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