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Polish Spirytus Recipes

ordjeff 1 | 1  
23 Nov 2007 /  #1
Hi, I was wondering if anyone here had some good recipes to cut spirytus with.
24 Nov 2007 /  #2
I use it to make nalewki (liqueurs) - this year's morello cherry one is coming along nicely and should be ready for Christmas. Is this the kind of thing you mean?
OP ordjeff 1 | 1  
24 Nov 2007 /  #3
Yes thats what I am talking about, would you be willing to share your recipe?
25 Nov 2007 /  #4

I've found a cherry one:
1kg morello cherries (pitted), 10 of the stones, 1kg sugar, 500ml spirytus & 500ml vodka

Put the cherries, stones and sugar in a jar and leave for a few days in a warm place until the juice has come out. Strain and then boil and cool the juice. Once it's cold, add the spirytus and pour into bottles.

Add the vodka to the cherries and leave for 2-4 weeks. Strain the cherries and add the vodka to the spiritus, bottle and leave for 2-3 months. The cherries can be covered with some of the alcohol and used seperately.

And my gran made a lemon+vanilla one:
- boil 1 cup sugar with about 2 cups water until a thick syrup is formed. Take off the heat and allow to cool slightly - then add a vanilla stick and then allow to cool further until warm. Add the juice and zest of 4 lemons, 500ml spirytus and pour into a bottle. Let it stand for 2 weeks and then filter out the vanilla/lemon zest and let stand for another few weeks.
Piorun - | 658  
25 Nov 2007 /  #5

12 lemons
1 liter of honey (linden flower or heather flower)
1 liter of vodka
1 liter of Tokaj (Hungarian Wine)
1 liter of spirytus
2 cloves
2 cardamom seeds

Extract juice from the lemons and combine with other ingredients.

Pour everything into 5 liter wine bottle. Make sure bottle is tightly closed and leave it for 30 days. You should shake the bottle at least once a week during those 30 days. After 30 day strain the liquid, and pour it into bottles. Cap the bottles tightly and leave it in a dark celler or pantry for at least 4 months.
Lukasz 49 | 1,746  
25 Nov 2007 /  #6
If you want to make your own spiriytus, you shoud have "aparat" (special aparature to make spirytus ) ;)

be careful because "bimber" (home made spirytus) can be dangerous ;)

funny bimber
RJ_cdn - | 267  
25 Nov 2007 /  #7
1 kg cherries (3/4 kg pitted and ¼kg not)
½kg - 1 kg sugar
1L spirytus

Place cherries in a jar and add spirytus. Close the jar and leave it for 2-3 months.
Transfer the liquid (A) to another jar and close it. The remaining cherries cover with sugar and leave for 2-3 months. After this time separate the juice (B) from cherries.

Combine liquids A and B, preferably in one jar. Taste it. If too strong add water (boiled and cooled down to room temp). To make the liquor clear you may want to filter it. Transfer to bottles and you are done.

You can replace cherries with black currant (I highly recommend).
plk123 8 | 4,138  
25 Nov 2007 /  #8
yeah, lemons are the most popular it seems.. good stuff. :D
King Sobieski 2 | 714  
23 Dec 2007 /  #9
does anyone know the best thing to mix this rocket fuel with?

Like coke, lemonade, orange juice, etc.
z_darius 14 | 3,964  
23 Dec 2007 /  #10
you shoud have "aparat"

Not metal though. All glass is best.

A recipe I've known for along time:

1 kg wallnuts picked about 1 month before their shells get hard. You need to be able to chop them with a kitchen knife.
1 kg sugar
1 liter 95% (or better) spirit.

Chop walnuts into small cubes. No peeling. Use the whole fruti. Gloves are recomended or your hands will be stained for weeks. Mix sugar, nuts and spirit in a glass container you can seal. Let stand for at least 90 days.

That's it.

Yummy, in small quantities (15 to 50 ml) great for colds . Not good to get drunk with - mega hangover.
24 Dec 2007 /  #11
Hubby bubble toil and trouble

1st: One bottle of beer or 1/2 a litre of beer, bring to the boil with a 250 ml size glass of sugar. Then let it cool to room temperature. Then add a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

2nd: Add three teaspoons of gold coffee mixed in a little water to make into a liquid so it can mix easier. Then combine all together with a 1/4 litre of the Spirytus.

* Note about the beer you use:
It should really be a percentage of 5 to 5.8%, use Warka beer for the best taste, if not then maybe a Pilsner Lager will do fine as it has to have a slightly sweeter taste.

To make a larger quantity just double the measures :O)
Zgubiony 15 | 1,553  
24 Dec 2007 /  #12
For the holidays:


1/2(strong) or less bottle of spiritus
1 vanilla stick
glass of sugar
5 yolks
2 glasses of milk.
You have to put a crushed vanilla stick to alcohol first and leave for two days, then grind yelks with
sugar add boiled (but cold) milk then slowly add alcohol, you have to beat whole mixture while doing it
otherwise bad things will happen, then bottle that mixture and leave in dark place for few hours.
25 Aug 2009 /  #13
Ah, spiritus, that wonderful thing (as long as you are careful what & where you buy). This year was my first at experimenting with fruit liqueurs/vodkas from spiritus. The1st recipe I was given, the 2nd came about by accident - but everyone loved it so much I have loads of orders to make it next year. For both you need a large wide neck jar that has an airtight seal.

1. Fill jar 3 quarters full with raspberries, slightly pushed down. Add spiritus to cover,seal and leave for 3 months (shaking contents once a week). After 3 months, strain the contents into a sterilised measuring jug (retaining the fruit). In saucepan add water to the same volume of spirit, sugar to taste (approx 300g per litre), heat until sugar dissolves and bring to a light boil. Allow the syrup to cool slightly. While cooling, put the spirit into a clean, airtight jar and the fruit back in it's original jar. Once the liquid has cooled enough, pour over the fruit and reseal. Store both in a cool dark place for 2 weeks. Lastly, strain the fruit liquid into a sterilised large bowl/pan/measuring jug squeezing out as much jugs as possible (jelly bags are perfect to use for this) and decant into sterilised bottles, seal and allow to mature for 6 months.

2. Fill jar with strawberries (do not compress) until 2.5cm below lid, add 8 black peppercorns per litre the jar holds. Pour over spiritus, seal and put in fridge for 4 weeks, shaking every 2-3 days. Strain spirit into clean bottles (retaining fruit), until each is half full, seal and put in freezer. Put fruit back in jar and add 200g sugar per litre the jar holds and fill with pre-boiled, cooled, water. Seal and place somewhere warm for 10 days, opening jar everyday as some fermentation can take place. After 10 days strain liquid into the bottles containing the spirit, refreeze for 48 hours minimum, then enjoy (you need to allow it to defrost slightly as the alcohol level means it can freeze slightly, but it has a surprising kick).

BTW, thanks to the other posters, you've given me some recipes to try over winter, this year.
1 Dec 2009 /  #14
kurde, you gotta do it góralski style! melt a cup of sugar in 1/2 cup water and keep it on the stove till it turns brown. add that to the straight out śpitytus. thats about 1/2 a liter

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