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naleśnik polish pancakes

11 Oct 2006 /  #1
does anyone have a recipe for naleśnik please:)
glowa 1 | 291  
11 Oct 2006 /  #2
but it's very simple:

you mix an egg or two with a glass of milk and a glass of water (you can use only water but it's not as good or only milk and it's great, you can use less than glass, that depends on how many pancakes you actually want to make) and add flour to it, now how much flour you add depends how thick you want the mixture. normally you want to reach consistency of butter-milk. add also a tiny bit of salt. fry the thing like crepes.

some add also a bit of sugar to the paste, but I don't like it. the cake istelf becomes sweet and it fries a bit differently. try, you might like it.

that's about it. now you can serve it in many ways, for instance

jam rolled in and butter-milk and sugar on top or
pate inside, with some salt on top - this one is not sweet
cottage cheese inside, butter milk outside.

get inventive
OP scouser  
11 Oct 2006 /  #3
dziękuję glowa :)
krysia 23 | 3,057  
11 Oct 2006 /  #4
And when you get it off the pan, spread the filling on it. Not too much.Then fold it in half, then again in half and you have a cute little "triangle".

For stuffing it you can take some cottage cheese and mix it with cream cheese and add a little sugar if you wish, or spread some fruit-jelly.

Then you can also fry it after you fill it and eat it like that or top it off with cream or whatever.
OP scouser  
11 Oct 2006 /  #5
thanks krysia i will try these later.:)
krysia 23 | 3,057  
11 Oct 2006 /  #6
Let us know if they were edible!
OP scouser  
11 Oct 2006 /  #7
haha ok i will
OP scouser  
12 Oct 2006 /  #8
well i made my pancakes the first two were not so good coz i burnt them haha but the last two were great i put double cream and jam in the middle of my pancakes they tasted great thanks for the help i will try some other fillings thanks for the help:)
12 Oct 2006 /  #9
Best pancakes I have ever had were in Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic....try pancakes with stewed apple and icecream...with a little bit of chocolate sauce - its heaven
OP scouser  
12 Oct 2006 /  #10
well my polish friend she eats hers with minced beef and spinach and other things has anyone had this before whats it like?
12 Oct 2006 /  #11
scouser - tried savoury pancakes as a child my grandma used to make them...very nice..

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