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Where to buy Cheddar in Warsaw?

Cardno85 31 | 976  
26 Mar 2009 /  #31
Oh yes, especially if you keep it in the wee wooden box, put in some cloves of garlic and bake it in the oven for a bit and have the unhealthiest but tastiest dip ever :D
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
26 Mar 2009 /  #32
Spoken like a true connosieur, nice one. Cheese is sophisticated and should be treated as such.

Have you tried Cambozola? It's Gorgonzola meets Camembert. Tasty stuff.
Cardno85 31 | 976  
26 Mar 2009 /  #33
Sure is that. That's my mum's favourite cheese. I like my cheeses a bit stronger if I am going down the blue route, Lanark Blue is particularly nice.

I went through a cheese obsession a wee while back...this link is a good reminder of that:
Randal 1 | 577  
26 Mar 2009 /  #34
In Philly there is a street I call Cheese Row. There can be found a number of cheese shops with every conceivable kind of cheese for sale. Great giant wheels of all kinds and hanging cheeses bigger than me! It’s a wonderful place, like Cheese Heaven. They also sell spices and vinegars. It’s part of the Italian Market where all the really good restaurants and distributors throughout the region get their cheeses and other quality food stuffs. Whenever I am near I stop and get some. I don’t really know my cheeses, I just try the samples offered until I find something that appeals to me at the moment. I like a good Blue and the Parmesan for cooking. I took a buddy there one time and he spent like $300.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
26 Mar 2009 /  #35
Danish blue is also great. Poland has a cheese called Lazur which I really like.
Trevek 26 | 1,702  
27 Mar 2009 /  #36
I never said it was. I said "caves in the Cheddar area".

Apologies, you are quite right.

There used to be a great cheese shop in Glasgow right next to Clatty Pats in the West End which was amazing, but sadly it closed down while I was in Poland.

Oh no, that was a great shop.

A friend of mine outside Olsztyn makes Swiss style hard cheese. We brought a load back to Glasgow once... 27 hours on the coach to London and then 9 hours to Glasgow (and it was pretty ripe to begin with). One of the lads kept his with him, rather than in the luggage hold!

By Glasgow the driver comes up, "Has somebody been sick? There's a terrible smell!"
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
27 Mar 2009 /  #37
Bought a good Irish Land Cheddar from Cork (in Tesco). Quite expensive at 14PLN for 200grams but it tastes sublime!
OP Guest  
28 Mar 2009 /  #38
Piotr i Paweł in Blue City hace some nice Cheddar. So do most branches of Mini Europa.
BevK 11 | 248  
6 Apr 2009 /  #39
Red Leicester is available in Carrefour Arkadia.
BigRob - | 4  
6 Apr 2009 /  #40
Opened the window and threw the ''Cheddar'' out!

I'm English, and I live in England, and I don't buy Cheddar from Tesco. It tastes revolting. The named brands are ok (Cathedral City, etc...), but if you want proper Cheddar... Sainsbury's taste the difference range is the best!

When I go over to see my girlfriend in Poland, that is the choice for me. Also I take alot of English bacon as everyone loves it, doesn't matter what country your in!

And just incase someone thinks I'm trying to plug Sainsbury's, I work for Tesco's.
trevorisimo 1 | 27  
12 Aug 2009 /  #41
They sell it in Auchan and Alma both of which are in Piaseczno. Not as cheap as back home but if your irish then you cant live without it.
mbiernat 3 | 107  
12 Aug 2009 /  #42
Polish chedder is 15 pln a kg and it taste good. But in the US/UK chedder is like very common boring cheese like white bread just basic and boring. If you live in Poland why not go for the more exotic Polish cheeses?
12 Aug 2009 /  #43
15 pln a kg and it taste good

It's not possible to make cheddar at that price! You must be talking about 'ser żółty' which is mainly vegetable fat.

why not go for the more exotic Polish cheeses?

such as?
Pierogi - | 42  
12 Aug 2009 /  #44
such as?

start with Oszczypek
12 Aug 2009 /  #45

I've tried Oscypek - personally it's not my cup of tea.

what else do you recommend?
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240  
12 Aug 2009 /  #46
mmm Polish cheese, another superior product ;)~~
tomekcatkins 8 | 130  
13 Aug 2009 /  #47
wouldn't expect else from such a "cheesy culture".. ;)
pgtx 30 | 3,156  
13 Aug 2009 /  #48
I've tried Oscypek - personally it's not my cup of tea.

oscypek is the best!

what else do you recommend?

give the oscypek another try!

Pierogi - | 42  
13 Aug 2009 /  #49
dobre bo Polskie, LOL
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240  
13 Aug 2009 /  #50
give the oscypek another try!

too salty :/
pgtx 30 | 3,156  
13 Aug 2009 /  #51
comes with beer then... :)
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240  
13 Aug 2009 /  #52
i hate beer lol (i like the fruity ones! cos they don't taste like beer ;D)
pgtx 30 | 3,156  
13 Aug 2009 /  #53
ah.... cmon... i lose my faith in a woman beer connoisseur... ;)
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240  
13 Aug 2009 /  #54
i'm no beer connoisseur sorry. but with cider, that's a different story ;)
trevorisimo 1 | 27  
14 Aug 2009 /  #55
I dont think the polish peeps on the forum understand, foreigners in Poland want their own cheddar cheese because its a bit from home. Not everyone wants to convert to eating pierogi and flaki etc. Just the same as how polish people mainly shop in the polish shops in

uk and ireland. Its all about having a piece of something from home, its a comfort thing and
you need that when your feeling homesick.

Also some polish people think our white bread is nutritionless, tasteless and boring, but its what we are used to and its what we grew up on. For me polish bread tastes very bland and strange or savory or something, I dont enjoy eating it to be honest, but its different strokes for different folks.
BevK 11 | 248  
19 Aug 2009 /  #56

However I'd also say that I have simply not found a Polish cheese which is anything like as strong as Cheddar. I love Polish cheeses, don't get me wrong, can anyone recommend a strong cheese? (Not blue cheese, or anything sheepy etc, Cheddar strong!)
mbiernat 3 | 107  
30 Nov 2009 /  #57
Biedronka amd Auchens sells cheap and good cheddar. Anyone who pays more than 30 pln is a fool.

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