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Bezy recipe - Polish pastry/cookies

mzmo 1 | -  
3 Dec 2009 /  #1
Years ago a Polish acquaintance gave me the recipe for something she called Pol Bezys. Delicious. It had a pressed crumbly pastry base then spread with jam with a merangue type topping of beaten egg white. Unfortunately I've lost both recipe and no longer the whereabouts of the friend. Does anyone know the recipe? I would love to cook it again for my family. Thanks.
frd 7 | 1,401  
8 Dec 2009 /  #2
Hi, I'm just gonna translate the first recipe that I've found on the internet;)


- 2 egg whites
- half a glass of sugar

We beat the whites to a froth (rigid) gradually adding sugar. We put the mass into the cream squeezer. And then we squeeze bezy onto the baking paper.

We bake it for 45 minutes in temperature 150 celsius degrees.

Now I've through the comments section skimmed and comments varied from "delicious, marvelous" to "Oh my god I've burnt them/they all melted into a watery substance". So I guess it probably takes a little bit of practice and trying. There were some people who suggested that 150 is too much and it should be 110 or 90 with a prolonged baking time. Some said it's good to add some salt or grated orange or lemon peel. Someone said that the length of the time of baking depends on the size of a single portion (makes sense ;) )

Another commenter added that real bezy should be dried in 50 celsius for 2 hours.

A little update... I tried that recipe and it's quite good. I added a pinch of salt. It's really important to beat those whites to a very very very solid mass ( try turning the containter you're beating it in upside down or at least to the side and check if the mass is not just flowing out. It's very important to add the sugar gradually ( for example have another person adding it teaspoon by teaspoon when you are beating it ) otherwise the sugar won't dissolve completely ( if you add it in big quantities ). As for baking it I set the oven to 90 celsius degrees, waited for the temperature to raise to the one I set, then I put it in ( middle level ) for 1.5h, and after that a little bit longer with temperature around 110. Generally it's good to take it out when Bezy are getting brownish. I also checked few times how are they doing throughout the whole operation ;) After this 1.5h they were still pretty soft inside, crumbling when I tried to pick them...

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