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Working at Volvo Company in Wroclaw

mokasha 3 | 18
9 May 2017 #1

I'd like to know more info about Volvo company in Wroclaw: it's reputation, stability, pros and cons in general, etc. I've searched other websites like glassdoor but I'd also like to hear from Polish people or people who live in Wroclaw who might know about the company.
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,009
9 May 2017 #2
Good if you're a supervisor, director, it guy, sales manager, accountant etc. However the line workers that assemble the cars and trucks don't pay much. Mayb 3k to 4k zloty month for low level unskilled labor and 8k to 12k for more middle level. Seniors and leadership make 12k 15k and up. Its pretty similar at corporations especially in eu because of a certain standard to upkeep. You'll most likely have decent benefits too.
OP mokasha 3 | 18
10 May 2017 #3
@Dirk diggler
Thanks a lot.
peterweg 37 | 2,320
10 May 2017 #4
Mayb 3k to 4k zloty month for low level unskilled labor and 8k to 12k for more middle level.

Double what a local company would pay.
OP mokasha 3 | 18
10 May 2017 #5
So in general, is 7 to 8K (net) per month is good salary for a single person in Wroclaw?
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,009
10 May 2017 #6
Yes google offered me 24k usd annual salary plus commission which prolly would be around another 10k annual. So my brutto would be around 120k zloty a year but id pay double taxes to poland and us.

I also got an offer from a Norse shipping company in Gdansk for a position of 30k euro plus commission. That one I seriously considered but it was on Gdansk and I don't know anyone there and hav3 only been there twice before on vacation.

I declines the jobs because ultimately many things are as expensive if not more than us. A BMW 7 or mercedes s class? More money than in us due to all the taxes, fees, tariffs, etc. Housing and food is far cheaper than western nations.

Ultimately I decided I will return to poland once I've completed my mba and can make At least 60 70k USD a year. This is typically only what senior level directors vice presidents Mayb a top middle manager are paid in poland. In us starting salary for post mba is double (120k and up depending on school finished, job title, company). Of course I don't expect to make the same salary in pl as in the U.S.

I may also add that it helps to know languages to negotiate a higher salary. I know English and polish fluently and am profiricienr in Russian and Spanish.
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,009
10 May 2017 #7
8K isn't bad for single person in poland but not family. I personally am chosing to relocate once I can earn at least 50 60k USD annually in poland. Its doable at a large corp like Volvo even but such salaries are typically reserved for experienced and educated white collar professionals.
10 May 2017 #8
So in general, is 7 to 8K (net) per month is good salary for a single person in Wroclaw?

That much would put you in the top few percent of earners but would not be hard to spend. Also remember that in almost all Polish households where people work there are two incomes.

but id pay double taxes to poland and us.

Please don't post such clearly incorrect information. The 1974 US-Poland double taxation agreement stops people from needing to pay double tax in Poland and the USA.
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,009
10 May 2017 #9
My bad I was told wrong info then. Ill have to look that up. I thought if you had us citizenship you have to pay a percent of income earned abroad. If that's not true then thatd great!
10 May 2017 #10
Ill have to look that up.

Pretty sure it's article five, probably section one. The exemption covers only income earned outside the USA for Polish tax residents. And from memory income still needs to be declared to the IRS or tax is due.
thecodergeek 5 | 31
14 May 2017 #12
@Mokasha - I also have offered from Volvo :) Role ?
OP mokasha 3 | 18
14 May 2017 #13
Hi, I tried to send you a message here but it failed, please check your gmail :)
tatiane - | 1
27 Jun 2017 #14
Also got a job offer from Volvo but they seem quite slow at the hiring process or it's just me? Would be grateful if I could contact you to talk about it.
OP mokasha 3 | 18
27 Jun 2017 #15

Well, for me the interviews took almost three weeks until getting the offer, but the delay is in the work permit, it took almost 3 months with me. You are welcome to contact me on Skype if you want more details:
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,009
27 Jun 2017 #16
Congrats! I plan to move to Poland in the near future to work too. Hope you enjoy living in Poland.

Wszystkiego najlepszego
OP mokasha 3 | 18
27 Jun 2017 #17
@Dirk diggler

Thank you
4 Sep 2017 #18
Hi, I got an offer from from Volvo. But it seems the offer from IT kontrakt is much better? Any thoughts on this?
cms 9 | 1,255
4 Sep 2017 #19
In an IT contract you have no job security, no rights of redress and no social security, PFRON or other Polish benefits. You might also have to work longer hours to complete a project (though in my experience this rarely happens !)
4 Sep 2017 #20
what is PFRON and may I know what are the Polish benefits you have mentioned? I also got an offer from volvo and it kontrakt
4 Sep 2017 #21
Hi cms, thanks for the input. I forgot to mention that I'm not a Poland citizen. Can I still avail those benefits even if I'm a foreigner? What are redress, PFRON and other polish benefits?
4 Sep 2017 #22
Can I also ask what are the usual benefits offered by volvo wroclaw? what salary should I expect for an IT role?
4 Sep 2017 #23
Sorry for another query, may I also know how's the public transportation going to/from Volvo office? Is it easily accessible by public transportation?
cms 9 | 1,255
4 Sep 2017 #25
Well it depends on your family situation - if you have children and they need caring for if you need medical attention or if you are worried about unemployment, then it would be advantageous to have ZUS. The PFRON is a kind of accident insurance.

If you are young and on your own then those things probably matter a lot less to you and being realistic you will not be around in Poland in 40 years to claim your retirement benefit. In any case as with most countries there is a good chance that the pension pot will be empty sometime around 2040.

When I talk about redress just means that Volvo will be able to fire you whenever they feel like it. No reasons, no unions nothing. For instance they could decide that your project is no longer something that they need and you would not be able to do anything about it.

Honestly those are decisions that you will need to make yourself, rather than relying on a forum like this.
terri 1 | 1,664
4 Sep 2017 #26
One click on google with the word 'PFRON' and you will be able to see what it is. Why should we do your job for you? If you cannot manage to 'click for one word on the internet' you will not manage in Poland.

If you are employed by a company you will have to pay ZUS. If you want to start your own business, you will have to obtain your own working visa - and the chances of that are less than zero. Even then you will have to pay ZUS. Remember here, that if you have your own business, they can sack you from one day to the next and you will have NO recourse on the employer.

There are no social security benefits in Poland. You are only entitled to some (and very few at that) benefits if you can prove previous employment in Poland.
5 Sep 2017 #27
@terri: sorry for that as because when I tried to google it previously, the language is set to polish so I did not understand what pfron is for. I commented here to seek advise directly to polish people coz I believe they will be able to provide accurate answer for it. Thanks anyway for your advise.


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