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Working and Living in Wroclaw

28 Jun 2017 #1
Hi all, I'm considering a move to Poland and have a job offer in Wroclaw. The pay is around 20,000 ZL pre tax, and this is before any negotiations and I reckon I could ask for another 2-3k. I've visited Poland a few times and I feel like this is pretty good, especially for Polish standards.

Just wondering what other people that are more familiar with the area think? I'm a single guy, no kids, no wife, no car, would just be me. I'd like a decent apartment (furnished) but I reckon anything will be nicer than what I have in NYC right now.

I want to save some money but also travel around Europe, likely focusing on Eastern Europe as I want to take advantage of the geographic location. Thanks!
terri 1 | 1,663
28 Jun 2017 #2
20K pln gross per month is a good salary. If you are considering it as a stepping stone for the future - go for it.

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