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Warsaw polytechnic or Krakow polytechnic?

sedif 3 | 5
16 Jul 2011 #1
I will get bsc architect education in Poland but i don't know which university is better and fomous in Poland.

And second question do you suggest Poland University to me? Is architect education and job status good?

And which language should i take ? Polish or English?

terri 1 | 1,664
16 Jul 2011 #2
Trust me, Having a BSc does not make you an architect. Just have a look at what hurdles you have to jump over to become accepted as an Architect in Poland.

Take Polish, your English needs polishing up.
OP sedif 3 | 5
16 Jul 2011 #3
Thank you for reply. There is not english program for architecture so already i have to take polish...

Btw what do you advise to me about university? Warsaw, cracow, lodz or wroclaw?

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