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In Warsaw moving to Lodz...thinking about part time jobs..

Raj_ryder 10 | 106
3 Oct 2009 #1
ive been in like warsaw for the last 5 days its a nicee city though the clubs are a little boring in my opinion..but i kinda blew up a lot of money and i have to earn it back i have to go to lodz in a day or two and was wondering if i can get a job for a couple of hours everyday. i have a student visa but the hostel im in has a couple of students from warsaw polyteknika working here and they seem to be doing fine. i dont speak polish though(bt i speak fluent english) what are my options in lodz?
esek 2 | 228
3 Oct 2009 #2
take a look here:

(use google translate), maybe sth like this:

(most probably you don't have to talk... :-)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
5 Oct 2009 #3
what are my options in lodz?

You don't have many, if any at all. Your English won't be seen as 'good enough', and while you might be able to get by offering very very cheap English lessons, it's by no means certain.

What about begging? :) Polish beggars are hardcore because of the way they me knee pains just thinking about it :(
olito 6 | 53
5 Oct 2009 #4
In Lodz no idea, but you might wanna try Citibank International in Warsaw and HCL in Krakow, they both have call centers and they both are currently looking for english speaking people for technical support positions. If you manage to speak any other european language that's a huge plus to get any of these jobs
27 Jul 2010 #5
27 Jul 2010 #6
I live in lodz and even I native polish had difficulties to find part time job (besides you'd be shock how low wages are in Lodz... its not Warsaw). Anything you can do is to look for job as a language teacher if you are a native english language area.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
28 Jul 2010 #7

I somehow doubt that you have a work permit. Anyway, it's not valid for anyone but the employer listed.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,533
28 Jul 2010 #8
A good method for you to earn money is to save. You know, a penny saved is a penny earned ...
Guest123 - | 1
21 Apr 2016 #9
Merged: Temporary job in Lodz, Poland

Hello, guys. I'm wondering if there is a temp job in Lodz? By temp I mean when the person comes, works a shift (can be long), gets paid and leaves. It is for a man who will get his permanent job in two weeks but wants to earn some money now while he is waiting. Maybe some warehouse, railway station or some markets. Any advise will be appreciated.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
21 Apr 2016 #10
Not really, unless you have local contacts. You might want to try phoning landscape construction companies, who will be busy at this time of the year and might be willing to take on a labourer for such a short term.

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