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Warsaw vs Kraków (Business and Study - planning to study and possibly live there for a while)

Kartofel 3 | 41
30 Mar 2014 #1
Hey pals, first post here :) I've been looking through this forum for a while now and I've decided thatiI have a good enough reason to actively participate now ^^

I am a young fella from Israel, who speaks decent Polish and is during the process of acquiring a polish citizenship&passport through my Polish family origin, from Wrocław, Warszawa, £ódź and £ańcut to be specific ;).

I've been planning to study in Europe and possibly live there for a while now, and while Germany seems like a pretty comfortable option I also asked myself, naturally, what about Poland? I do, honestly, feel more connected to the culture and country in general, and I'm absolutely in love with the language.

As a guy with high hopes and strong motivation, I'd really like to hear your educated opinions as to where should I aim for in Poland if I seek to accomplish my goals of finding a good place to study, work and live in.

I've been to Poland twice, and while I can say Kraków is stunningly attractive for tourists for its rich history and special "vibe", Warsaw, albeit grey and somewhat dull compared to Kraków at first sight, seems more like a rapifly-developing business city with a bright future.

Any helpful opinions and/or insights will be highly appreciated! :)

Dziękuję bardzo i Pozdrawiam z Izraela! ;)
Monitor 13 | 1,816
30 Mar 2014 #2
The most attractive is Warsaw, because of the highest salaries and lowest unemployment. Then there is Kraków not far from mountains, Tricity on the Baltic Sea and Wrocław with Poznań relatively close to Germany. From those Tricity and Poznań seem to have the best salary to rent/buy ratio. It's important what you want to study, because some cities are better for some professions and the best if you become a programmer, because programmers have the highest salaries and smallest unemployment in all mentioned cities.

Most of people on this forum are immigrants from western Europe so they will discourage you from coming here, because Poland is one of the poorest EU countries so no the most attractive place in the EU.
OP Kartofel 3 | 41
31 Mar 2014 #3
Poland doesn't seem like a bad option. Any other opinions?
27 Jul 2019 #5
There are actually more jobs for foreigners in Krakow on the careersinpoland website. It's good that after all I didn't go to Warsaw, it doesn't look as beautiful on Street View and transport/street level photos. Krakow has better old town, but also even the neighborhoods don't look as dreary as the ones in Warsaw. Even for Modernist and Post-Modernist architecture I'll chose Katowice over Warsaw (Warsaw has a bigger river though, Katowice ones are tiny). It's also too big for me, Krakow seems the right size.
Atch 20 | 4,151
27 Jul 2019 #6
In simple economic terms, Warsaw pays the highest average salaries in Poland, regardless of job/industry.

Besides Mazowieckie (Warsaw), the voivodeships of Dolnośląskie (Wrocław), Pomorskie (Gdańsk) and Śląskie (Katowice) all have higher average salaries than Małopolskie (Kraków).
27 Jul 2019 #7
Even so, then Katowice makes more sense. At least its Modernist/Post-Modernist buildings are not too huge/tall glass monstrosities. The only true drawback is it needs more NeoClassical restoration projects and it's rivers are nothing to write home about (like my home city of Sofia btw). I love beautiful viaducts/bridges.

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