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Wanting to move to Wroclaw. Any ideas of how to get a job sorted before moving out?

1 Jan 2014 #1
The title pretty much says it all. I love Poland and I want to move out to Poland. But I need a job secured before I can move out there to live. My Polish is basic and I'm working hard on it. If anyone has any ideas or can help to find me a job I will be very grateful. Thank you
1 Jan 2014 #2
Where are you moving from and which passport do you have? Which languages do you speak and what skills do you have?
Ironside 53 | 12,450
1 Jan 2014 #3
Given you told us nothing about yourself I wouldn't expect many answers if I were you.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,911
1 Jan 2014 #4
Well, don't want to put you off but I'd have thought that if you don't have some skill in demand already, then you need to acquire an IT skill that's in demand or be sufficiently good at Polish to get a job that somehow a local Polish native can't get. Wages will be low for the latter, however, even if you find such a job. If your first language is English,teaching English is a possibility but anecdotes suggest the market has got quite lean for that, so you'll be lucky to make ends meet. Some succeed though, probably. Anyway, PM me if you want some job search website links and tips etc, but I think it's going to be a challenge to get anywhere sans an IT specialism. (This assumes you are an EU resident btw.)
Saami - | 1
3 Jul 2016 #5
Merged: Looking for a job in Wroclaw City

Hello Everyone,
I'm a student from Algeria and i recently moved to wroclaw to continue my bachelor studies, well I did like to know if there is any chances for foreign student to work here in wroclaw without working permit because as i said before, i recently moved here , by the way I'm a native Arabic speaker of course and a fluent in English and also with The French but not that much good as I'm with the English language , also i can speak some Spanish because I'm studies here ar are based on two languages " English and Spanish ". Also i have a problem with the Polish language , my Polish is very weak but i know a lot of words and somehow i can hardly speak it but I'm still improving it by the time I'm living here. so what's your suggestions people ? :)

Cheers i pozdrawiam wszystkim ;)

Home / Work / Wanting to move to Wroclaw. Any ideas of how to get a job sorted before moving out?