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I'm a Vietnamese Student. I plan to study in Poznan for BA and find a part time job

ohvaya0 1 | 1
28 Oct 2013 #1
I have some question about the life of the students in Poznan. Please, help me to answer this!
1/ Can I live in Poznan with 1000zl / month? Which city is it cheaper?
2/ I plan to study at Poznan school of economics. Is it a good economics school in Poland?
3/ The tuition fee of Poznan school of economics is 2400/ year, doesn't it?
4/ Do I have any opportunity to get a part time job there without Polish? How about salary?
5/ Does Poznan school of economics have dorm for students? How much for a cheapest room/ month?
Thanks a lots for reading my thread! I hope to see the answer soon!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
28 Oct 2013 #2
Poznan belongs to few more expensive cities in Poland. For example £ódź, Białystok, Rzeszów, Lublin, Olsztyn are cheaper. You can live with 1000pln per months. I think that student dorms prices in Poznan start from 300zł per month. About tuition fee you should read university's website, not ask here. Don't count on finding any part time job. You would need to know Polish for that. The school I think is one of better in Poland.
OP ohvaya0 1 | 1
28 Oct 2013 #3
Thank you! But I don't know in others 'cheaper city' Does it have any university of economics having same quality with Poznan university of economics?

Please, I really need the information!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
28 Oct 2013 #4
According to this ranking:

Poznań has the best Economic University after Warsaw. So I would suggest you to stay there. Poznań is also one of the most attractive cities in Poland (architecture, jobs). If you move to the cheaper city you can save on rent and pub prices only, but If you can get dormitory in Poznań then you will not pay much for accommodation anyway. (dorms are cheaper in Poznań than renting on free market, but in every big city they cost around the same.)

Here they say that dorm prices are 400zł.

To compare University of £ódź (17th place in the ranking and 3rd largest city in Poland): #nav

dorms for 350 pln (with cheap apartments on free market):
weintome 2 | 10
12 Jan 2015 #5
May you email to me ( weintome@gmail I'm vietnamese too, I need your help )

Home / Work / I'm a Vietnamese Student. I plan to study in Poznan for BA and find a part time job
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