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Where can I take full-body photo for flight attendant interview in Warsaw?

6 May 2016 #1
Hello guys !
I am really needing you guys help as i will need these photos in a week ,
I have been looking for it and searching online , i couldn't find one that take full body foto ):
all of them do just headshots ):

I have ask for price from 1 studio but it cost 220zl for 2 full body fotos ....

anybody have any advise on this ?
any of your help will be much appreciated !!><

THank you so much !!

InPolska 10 | 1,818
6 May 2016 #2
Sorry, no other choice! If you want good pictures, you need a professional photographer. Yes, it is expensive but isn't it worth it to "invest" in some good professional service? You know, a good or a bad picture can do a lot in favor or against someone.

220zl is not that much anyway considering the purpose of such pictures!

Good luck!
OP Moon_K
6 May 2016 #3
Thank you InPolska for your comment , I will consider that !!

Any more advice please comment ! Thanks!
InPolska 10 | 1,818
6 May 2016 #4
You know, after all, 110zl per picture, especially if very good pictures, is not much and I doubt you'll find cheaper in Warsawa. Just to have some lousy pictures for ID cards on which we all look like we are on death row costs some 40 to 45zl in Warsaw. I had some made last year for my ID card and believe me, they are good only for administrative purposes (no smile, looking sad...)

You'll pay 220 for 2 very good pictures (the guy will take 3 or 4 shots and you'll choose which one you prefer), which would be a + to your job application. Believe me, it is important as obviously they'll look at your picture before looking at your other credentials ;).

If you think 220zl is a lot for 2 pictures, see the money as an "investment" ;)

Good luck with your application!
OP Moon_K
6 May 2016 #5
hahaha , thank you InPolska !
I appreciate your reply and it makes me laughed esp the looking sad part ....
I agree with you !

I will go for it then !:D

Thank you for your support !!
Ziemowit 14 | 4,278
6 May 2016 #6
Or you may push the price down to 200 zeta perhaps?
OP Moon_K
6 May 2016 #7
Thats a good idea !!

Thank you !!
Ziemowit 14 | 4,278
6 May 2016 #8
If it's a good idea, you may push it further down to 180 zeta perhaps?
InPolska 10 | 1,818
6 May 2016 #9
@Ziemo: for something costing tens or hundreds of thousands of ZL, we might be able to "bargain" a tiny bit (I did when I bought my flat) but not for a mere 200zl. Prices charged by Polish small firms are already so low (and often I wonder how they live) and the guy needs all the money he can get. Sorry, Poland is not Marrackech or Kaboul, people pay as stated. Again 220 ZL for 2 good pictures is not unreasonable.

PS: if making 20 pictures, for instance, the guy could agree on a smaller price but not to make 2 pictures. O course, we can dream ....

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