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Is Spanish Language popular for Polish?

jorgehuaman 3 | 1
7 Aug 2012 #1
I'm wondering if I can teach Spanish in Warsaw.... What would be the right direction?

Thanks for your comments,
Mige126 - | 4
9 Aug 2012 #2
I believe so: look for "poszukujemy native speakera języka hiszpańskiego".

Spanish is not so popular in Poland, but some people want to learn as 2nd or 3rd other language.
Good luck !
Zibi - | 336
9 Aug 2012 #3
I would beg to differ. Spanish is quite popular at least in Warsaw. Mainly among those better educated and more affluent. There are very many schools that offer spanish courses here. Including Cervantes.
raku - | 4
9 Aug 2012 #4
Najbardziej popularnym językiem obcym w Polsce jest język angielski. Drugie miejsce zajmuje język niemiecki. Trzecie język rosyjski i j. francuski, a najdalej - hiszpański. Ludzie są jednak ciekawi nowych języków :)

The most popular foreign language in Poland is English. Second place would be German, then Russian and French. Spanish is hardly used. But people would be interested in another languages.
polish girl 12 4 | 31
27 Aug 2012 #6
i love to learn spanish is it dificult i learned english in 1 year
27 Aug 2012 #7
Deutsch is most hated language. Why is popular? Because most of schools have Deutsch lessons.
27 Aug 2012 #8
German was compulsory in Poland, along of course with Russian, right after the Second World War. Prior, German and especially French, were the preferred tongues amon the "educated" classes, with English only in distant third place:-)

Today, such has changed dramatically! While German is certainly taught in Poland and often studied intensely, more intensely than English, it is surely not " popular" in the way the question was framed, in terms of a language pupils/students look forward to studying!! English has won that fight HANDS DOWN, no question!!

This doesn't mean naturally, that because Spanish, English or what have you, is or are "popular" languages, that they are necessarily spoken with uniform confidence or (especially) competenceLOL

Throughout much of the world it's frequently the same scenario; the languages considered the "coollest", is rarely if ever, the one spoken/written the best.
boletus 30 | 1,361
28 Aug 2012 #9
German was compulsory in Poland

Rozpędziłeś się ciupeńko, Lyzko ... :-)
The only compulsory foreign language in Polish schools after WWII was Russian. It was taught seven years, starting with grade five. At the university level this was one of several elective languages; some students chose it out of laziness. So here you go - nine years altogether, almost zero practical conversational knowledge. We hated it, you know.

Elective languages were part of high school curriculum - starting with grade nine, I think. Smaller schools offered only one language (besides compulsory Russian). I started studying Latin but three weeks down the course our management found an English teacher and cancelled Latin lessons.
MoOli 9 | 480
28 Aug 2012 #10
I have a tenant who runs a language school in spanish and japenese,mail me if you are interested..I can put you in contact.

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