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Software Developer job in Krakow (from 6000 PLN gross to 15000 PLN gross?)

mrsucesso 1 | -
18 Oct 2013 #1
Hello everyone,

I am a brazilian guy looking for oportunities in Poland, my preferred country in Europe \o/

Since I am still reading about the economic situation in the country, could someone please give me a hint about salaries?

My skills are:
- 4 years experience in software development in multinational companies allocated here in Brazil
- Fluent english, and portuguese (no polish :()
- BS
- Some certifications in Java (SCJP6, SCJWD5)

After some research, I have seen numbers varying from 6000 PLN gross to 15000 PLN gross (for all kind of developers, from juniors to seniors).
In addition to that, I would like to know what's the cost of living for a future Krakow resident!

Thanks very much for your help,
Monitor 14 | 1,818
18 Oct 2013 #2
I think it's little lower: from 3000 to 12000 with 5000 median and this upper level only in the capital for senior developers. 1/3 of this amount are taxes, insurances. Studio apartment in Kraków is 1500 PLN with all fees (or less further from the center). Food cost min. 500pln per month when cooking at home. Monthly ticket I guess around 80zł. Check

But if you searched for jobs advertised in English only, then perhaps they don't advertise the lowest payed jobs.
PippoZ 2 | 10
20 Oct 2015 #3
I'm Italian, 39 years old, Ph.D., can speak Italian, English and Polish I got an offer as Senior Developer (Certified Microsoft Professional in C#) in an important bank for 15000zl gross. With current taxation it's 11200zl netto.

I think it's a pretty high salary considering the cost of life in Poland, my Polish girlfriend as a dentist earns roughly half of that.

You can find good comparison for cost of linving here:
Hope it helps

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