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Salary for a senior tester in Lodz?

indiatolodz 1 | -
15 Jan 2016 #1

I have been offered a gross salary of 7200 per month in lodz plus 17 % bonus(net salary is 5300). There are other benefits like relocation package and insurance for me.

I have 6+ years of experience in IT. I have a wife and kid. Is this a good amount to shift from India to Lodz. Please note that my Lodz annual package evaluates to 12 lac indian rupees which is the package I can get in India also.

I am interested in Lodz, Poland to relocate to Europe. But the question is : Is this salary sufficient to rent a 2 room apartment and once my kid grows up, send him to an english school.

Also, other aspirations are to spend long weekends in neighbour countries in europe, come to India for annual vacations or call my parents to Lodz for some months.

Harry84 1 | 80
16 Jan 2016 #2

Very difficult to survive with family in Poland if you will get 5300 zt/month.

17 Jan 2016 #3
Agree with Harry

for the standards you strive for (2 rooms flat, family of 3, trips to India, possibly saves to send home) you should get a gross salary in the range of 10k-12k, that is close to the very maximum for senior developers (not testers)
InPolska 11 | 1,821
17 Jan 2016 #4
No way to "live" on 5,300 ZL for a family of 3 so let's not even dream about traveling around in neighborhoold countries ;)! 5,300 ZL means a comfortable life for ONE person in Poland. For 2 persons, it's getting rough.... I know that most Poles have to manage often with 1/2 of that but as we say foreigners don't live like Poles (different buying habits, no family network...) and also what's the purpose of living abroad in poverty?????

No need to travel from the other side of the world to end up in poverty in a very ugly and rundown city and freeze one's a... for several months a year + facing xenophobia and racism (to be expect by non whites)!

If not MINIMUM 10/12,000 NET, not worth it.

If you are good at your job, try to find something in a western country! Since you speak English, try for instance the US!

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