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Salary opinion - Warsaw Junior Translation Coordinator for media products

27 Jan 2016 #1

I have been offered a job position as Junior Translation Coordinator for media products for an international company with offices in Warsaw. The most likely hourly rate that I will be paid is 22 zł an hour (gross). Maybe it will be a little bit more, but no much more.

Do you think that it is a good rate for Warsaw? I know that in Poland there are plenty of people that earn much less, I am just curious.

Thank you.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
27 Jan 2016 #2
Even if you work 40 hours (how many hours do they guarantee in writing?), it is very low especially after tax, ZUS... After tax and other ZUS..., it'll be some 2,500 ZL (on a 40-hour basis) to "survive" on and no way! Of course, millions of Poles "do" but 1. they know the "system" and 2. they have their families to help them if need. To rent a low standard place in a lousy area, you'll need half of it, and with the rest, you'll have to eat, to pay all the rest + do not forget about emergencies such as dental work, buying medicines, something (for instance your phone or your computer) that needs to be repaired or replaced. Curiously, those in PF giving estimates NEVER include emergencies. Since a foreigners alone in Poland, you'll have to save some money every month in order to face "rainy days" but sorry, on such a low salary, there is no way. Also, no way to take any vacation!

Where are you from?
OP Hailo
27 Jan 2016 #3
I'm from Spain. I do not actually need the job to live, but it would be great to have some income during my time in Warsaw. I know that it is a very low salary but I do not know if I should ask for more since the amount of people, including foreigners, working in a similar or even lower rate is so high that I have ended watching it as the standard salary.

For instance I know college educated people with Master degrees and very good English working for international companies for 18 an hour. They got that rate after have asked for an improvement to their employeer.

I will ask more the next time I meet with the recruiters, but I do not expect any significant improvement.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
27 Jan 2016 #4
@Hailo: Employers pay as per the job to be done and not as per people's needs. If you don't want the 22 offered, no problem for the boss to find someone else who will accept 22. It you say that a lot of people get 18 and you are offered 22, it is "good". In Warsaw, cleaning ladies usually get 20 an hour (and they don't pay tax).

You know, those international companies come to Poland and similar countries only because of cheaper labor.

Do you think it's worth it to slave for peanuts? Besides, taking some sh@@jobs don't help on CV because recruiters think that said persons are desperate and have no ambition. I've been in the corporate world for over 30 years so I know how they think "at the top". For me too, someone accepting peanuts (unless completely desperate, with a family to feed, etc...) shows a lack of ambition and I would not hire them for "decent" jobs.

You post in a public forum so I'm answering but honestly even if I were let's say 25 years old, I would not move abroad to be exploited. By accepting low salaries and poor conditions, you encourage bosses to exploit you! I know that times are rough but let's have some dignity!

Unless you are desperate, don't bother and look for something appropriate in western Europe!
OP Hailo
27 Jan 2016 #5
I am not moving to Poland to work, I am already in Poland beacuse of reasons that have nothing to do with the labour world. Thanks for giving your opinion and information. I can tell you that in the Western Europe where I come from, Spain, things are not much better than here when you consider how much more money you need to live.

I don't know if will accept the job, but I don't understand your point about how doing this job will inform recruiters that I am desperate. I mean, I do not include my salary in my CV, only my role and responsibilities. Do recruiters assume that anybody that works in a coordination role in the translation industry in Poland is desperate?
InPolska 9 | 1,816
27 Jan 2016 #6
@Hailo: of course we don't indicate salaries on cv but recruiters do know what job pays what ;).

If you think, it's good for you, you take it and that's all but even Poles would think it's lousy...
27 Jan 2016 #7
Hailo Don't worry come to Warsaw it is a wonderful city, after your time in Poland future employers see your C.V they will know that you are a get up and go, self sufficient person, who can get the job done wherever they may wish send you to get a job done .
InPolska 9 | 1,816
27 Jan 2016 #8
@Dolno: Trust me, at the top of the ladder, they don't see things the way you do. It's sad but it's a rat race. Anyway, the guy is already in Warsaw so he knows that it's very little money. To enjoy life in a city requires a lot of money and Warsaw is no exception, very easy to do nothing and spend (min) 100 ZL within a day... Well, I know some people get by very cheap (I can"t and I don't want to if I'm abroad).

27 Jan 2016 #9
Inpolska thanks i missed the bit about the guy already being in warsaw (wife tells me to wear my reading glasses but i don't listen) , but as he said ". I do not actually need the job to live" , he should have a great time.
OP Hailo
28 Jan 2016 #10
Thanks for your opinions.

I personally find it difficult to spend 100 ZL in a single day, although I do not have many expenses.

I have been researching and thinking and I will definetely ask for a better rate. Maybe the recruiter will reject, but I cannot accept such a low rate without negotiation. I will tell you the resolution of the negotiation if you are interested.

Just for curiosity, how much do you think that would be an acceptable rate for this position?
jon357 74 | 22,024
28 Jan 2016 #11
I personally find it difficult to spend 100 ZL in a single day, although I do not have many expenses.

That's possible, but involves a very very modest and puritanical life indeed.

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