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Salary and cost of living information - Krakow

cat500 1 | 2
6 Apr 2011 #1
Hi everyone

I have a job offer to work in Krakow for 8000PLN gross, on the moment I'm negotiating to have this as my net monthly salary. My previous salary abroad is well more than this amount but I'm thinking that living expenses in Poland should be lower. I've visited Krakow and I've loved it but I want to establish if it is a good offer and if I will be able to have good living standards.

I am a single person, I don't drive and I am looking to rent a one bedroom furnished flat in the central area in good standards.

Any information more than welcome.
Olaf 6 | 956
6 Apr 2011 #2

For a start, you don't menton kind of job, it's requirements etc. so I cannot estimate anything except that the salary mentioned will provide you a very decent standard of living.

If you want to evaluate if that's a good offer, in Krakow, I'd need more details.
BBman - | 344
6 Apr 2011 #3

But there is one thing I can tell you: 8k pln/month (gross or net) is great for polish standards and will give you a better lifestyle than the average Pole.
OP cat500 1 | 2
6 Apr 2011 #4
It is a marketing role in an international company. I have about 8 years of experience which 6 of them are in managerial roles plus very good qualifications academic and professional.

How much would it be to rent a one bedroom flat in a new development and how much will it be the cost of heating? How much should I estimate for food shoping per month? I have an idea for eating out/drinking as I only visited Krakow some months ago. I usually dine out about 2-3 times a week but prices seemed quite responsible in Krakow for the services offered.

As I visited Krakow in summer time, can someone tell me how is the weather in winter?Do you have much of snow?

Thanks for your time guys!
Olaf 6 | 956
6 Apr 2011 #5
That sounds fine, and the salary too!
As far as renting an apartment: 45-65 m2 apartment would be fine for you I guess? That, depending on area and standard would be between 1800 - 4000 PLN. You can get a very nice place for 2500 - 3000 PLN.

Heating and other bills: rougly not more than 500 altogether (of course it's a rough estimate, it can be lower too).
Winters are cold, up to -25 C and icy/snowy but this is for max. 3 months (half Dec, Jan, Feb and half March are the worst).

In general it is too hot in summer and too cold in winter:)) But this is only a small deterrent.
Moonlighting 31 | 234
6 Apr 2011 #6
8K gross is an excellent salary in Poland. You may find it unsufficient because of your higher qualifications and experience but if you accept to move to Poland, you will have to accept and comply by its standards.

For living in Krakow, I'm renting a flat a few tramway stations away from the very center of the city. It costs me 2000zł/month, everything included. It is fully furnitured with one bedroom and a double bed, wash machine, ADSL, cable and satellite TV, wooden floor, in a modern and quiet block. So those are the standards.

For food: 200zł/month to get all the required complete and decent food/drinks from the normal shops. It excludes alcohol and restaurants. There are also more luxurious shops like Alma, a Polish chain where you can find standard products but also more sophisticated ones.

Restaurants: from 25zł to 50zł per person depending on the restaurant standards. Of course you can also have a quick meal in a "milk bar". Quick and cheap plain cooking for 10-15zł.

Movie ticket: from 15zł to 30zł depending on theater (small art house vs. modern technology-oriented multiplex).
OP cat500 1 | 2
6 Apr 2011 #7
Thanks Olaf

I am not very picky space wise for the appartment as I will be the only one living there, I'm more concerned about standards and security.

Let's see if I can cope with -25C..., I lived in North Europe for many years but m original from south europe...
Olaf 6 | 956
7 Apr 2011 #8
Let's see if I can cope with -25C

No one can bear that easily. :) That was just to scare you:)
But seriously - spring, summer and autumn are usually great, so what's 2-3 months of cold and snow compared to this? You can use winter for ice skating in a number of places in the city, and a few skiing resorts just ca. 100 km from Krakow (Bialka Tatrzanska. Szczyrk and many others).
bhasi77 1 | 4
7 May 2011 #9
Merged:6000 PLN: Is that salary enough to spend a decent life in Krakow with little saving?

Hi All,

I am an Indian and very soon will be transfered to Krakow, Poland.
My monthly salary will be 6000PLN before tax.

I wanted to know what would an average monthly expense for 1bed room falt(other cheaper options if any), daily food(no drinking habit), travel and miscellaneous.

Is that salary enough to spend a decent life in Krakow with little saving..?
Can anyone please suggest.. ?

Sokrates 8 | 3,346
7 May 2011 #10
You're left with 4247,43 if you can cook for yourself then living expenses (food/flat) should round up at 2000-2500zł (if you dont want to save) which leaves you 1700zł to spend or save, thats enough money for a family of 3 to live relatively comfortably.
7 May 2011 #11
Sok.... I spend that much for drinks for moi and my friends.. come on!

and, by the way, I would personally encourage all Indians, Hindus to come here, no matter what. Good people they are!!!
Seanus 15 | 19,706
7 May 2011 #12
It's definitely enough, yeah. Will you be by yourself? Indians tend to have large families, right? Kraków is a great city.
bhasi77 1 | 4
11 May 2011 #13
Thanks Friends for the information.
Thanks Zman for warm welcome..

For now...I will be attachments :)

Hi All,

Thanks for all the information.

Its been 3 weeks in Krakow..:D..

as you all said..I am loving the city....its beautiful....

I also have bought a bike(Cycle) from Hala suggested by one of the co-worker.
Also got a shared apt in Rzaska..15 mins from my workplace by bike..(KBP)

Just wanted to say thanks to all...
raghu 2 | 6
30 Nov 2011 #14
Hi Bhasi77,

This is Raghu. I am travelling to Poland(Krakow) on first week of Jan 2012. Wanted to hear from you about your experiences in poland.

I will be getting close to 7000 PLN on hand sal/month. Can you please tell me how much I can save in that. (consideration : shared accomodation, self cooking, decent travel, no drinks) I would be good if you can tell me how much is the average 1 Bed room House Rent, local conveyance expenses, any indian shops, indian restaurants? You can mail me also.

avalon85 - | 3
4 Jan 2012 #15
Merged: Cost of living in Krakow? Is 13000 PLN gross job salary enough?

First of all happy New Year and merry Christmas!!!

Recently I have received job offer in Krakow offering 13000 PLN gross, I am planning to come over with my wife and 1 year child.

I really appreciate if anyone can advise what will be the net salary and how it is calculated and also is it reasonable offer? Considering that I have to rent apartment on my own?

Thanks in advance
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
4 Jan 2012 #16
I got 13000 PLN gross offer?

Monthly I guess ? It's over 3 times average salary... so you should get the idea... on the other hand average salary in Poland means poor... Is it good offer or not, It obviously depends on kind of position, how much experience you have etc.

13000 gross should be around 9000 net.
avalon85 - | 3
4 Jan 2012 #17
Well in my home country i get 2200 USD, per month, but i am more willing to travel and move in europe for future benefit. So do you think that 9000 PLN minus 2500 PLN probably for rental will be fine?
4 Jan 2012 #18
It will be fine unless you want to splurge every weekend on booze and such. Go for it!
pawian 204 | 21,107
4 Jan 2012 #19
So do you think that 9000 PLN minus 2500 PLN probably for rental will be fine?

It is enough for a 3-person family to live a good life.

But if you are planning to put aside half your salary every month, then you will have to scrimp and save.
4 Jan 2012 #20
what about those blood-sucking leeches "ZUS"? prepare to lose more of that money.
4 Jan 2012 #21
ZUS is your friend in need, but most of us only find this out when disabled or in need of some serious surgery. Pay it!
avalon85 - | 3
4 Jan 2012 #22
blood-sucking leeches "ZUS"?

No idea what stands for ZUS? is it some additional tax which i have to pay?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
7 Jan 2012 #23
It is social insurence, which you must pay... but ~9k net is already after ZUs, tax, health insurence and all.
7 Jan 2012 #24
It is social insurence, which you must pay

No you do not. It is perfectly possible to legally not pay ZUS.
25 Apr 2012 #25
Hello everyone,

I have a job offer in Krakow in hospitality industry as a chef. How much can I get per month?

Thank you...!
iwilldoit 3 | 7
31 May 2012 #26
Merged: Cost of Living in Krakow-2012

Hi. I know that there are some threads with similar titles, but I would like a new and updated cost of living in Krakow.

I got a job in Krakow and the salary is still being discussed which I proposed for it to be around PLN 2000. I don't know if I said it too low or high. And the job in customer services.

Well I want to know if this 2000zl is enough for a young man to live in Krakow.

I won't go to disco's not spending too much time outside as I aint got any friends and on top I don't speak polish. I will have to rent a room around Opolska but doesnt matter if I get a room in kinda zone 3-4 of london. I know it will be a bit cheaper.

I would like to ask how much I will be spending on food. I eat only lamb and chicken as meat. I do enjoy my beers and vodkas from time to time.

i think my main costs are food and rent and partly travelling.

Please guys give me an idea...
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
31 May 2012 #27
which I proposed for it to be around PLN 2000

much too low

Also, please stick to one username.
iwilldoit 3 | 7
31 May 2012 #28
much too low

So much much is a realistic figure??? and what about the cost of living out there?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
31 May 2012 #29
and what about the cost of living out there?

are you serious. you are in Poland right now. you should have plenty idea of costs
iwilldoit 3 | 7
31 May 2012 #30
plenty idea of costs

Well till now I have been living with my gf and she has been doing all these stuff as I dont know any polish. and she is abroad right now and she doesnt have an idea how much it is around krakow... An answer for my question and not question for a question please! I will really appreciate that!

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