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Questions regarding Job Opportunity in Warsaw as an IT Business Analyst

bluechamp 1 | -
19 May 2014 #1
Greetings for the day!

Currently i am exploring job opportunity with a Dutch based tech MNC ( I hope you will understand which company :-) i dont want to reveal the name out here).

So this would be an internal job transfer as a IT Business Analyst.

Currently i have total experience of 4 Year and 3 months with close to 3 years as a Business Analyst

1) What could be the possible Salary which would be provided according to this experience? Just wanted to get an estimate so that i can put forth my thoughts while carrying negotiations with them so that i know is it below/above average.

2) I have seen, enormous number of posts which discusses about cost of living. Does it differ from city to city? Cost of living in warsaw is different from some other city ? How much does the cost vary?

3) For a decent living i assume, cost of 4500 PLN is a minimum?(Rent, Utlities, Internet, Food items etc, transportation) Yes/ No or even more? - if i set up 5000PLN is it a good life?

4) How is the transport infrastructure(Roads, Railways) ? Law and Order ? Pollution(i assume when compared to india it would be very less)- essentially translates to quality of life

5) Would language be a big issue in interaction in day to day life?

I have got few queries more which is dependent on the above answers. Will put in those later.

Thanks in advance for your answers. and i must say this has been a wonderful community for those wide range of help you guys provide to ppl in need


Monitor 14 | 1,820
19 May 2014 #2
1. For salaries look here: there

2. Between cities above 300 000 citizens renting prices and transport costs varies up to 100% (meaning Warsaw the most expensive and perhaps Białystok the cheapest). The rest is the same. Use to compare.

3. 4500 PLN is a minimum? yes. 4500net.

4. read this topic: I have written there about air pollution in Polish cities. Basically it's all ok, except of Kraków in winter. Trains in Poland are quite slow (3h for 120km), especially now, when many major lines are being renovated. Road network is underdeveloped when comparing to western countries too. Transportation in cities is quite good. Poland is very save and has average level of corruption. Quality of life is good if you earn enough and don't have to commute too much.

5. yes, as you would not be able to communicate with most of people over 35 - 40 years old.
temporaryuser11 - | 1
25 Jan 2017 #3

4500 PLN gross offer in Lodz, entry level BA position, good offer?


I have been offered 4500 PLN gross for an entry level Business Analyst position at a company in Lodz. I am a recent graduate and have mostly half a year experience. Do you consider this a good offer or in what ways should I attempt to negotiate it? Also considering that I was planning to save some money.

Thank you very much,

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