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13000 zloty salary enough to save 9000 zloty with normal living in Poland?

abhinav saxena
4 Jun 2016 #1
Recently i have been offered an offer of 13000 zloty per month salary by a firm.
I am an indian and want to save some money around 8-9k zloty per month in order to send money back home.
Let me know if this possible. I am vegeterian and non drinker and non smoker. Kindly share your thoughts.
gumishu 15 | 6,186
4 Jun 2016 #2
it is entirely possible if you are single or live as one - rent of a studio appartment should cost you about 1100 to 2000 PLN depending on the city -

you probably will prepare food for your self for the most part - while not all (not even the majority I would think) Indian cuisine ingredients are readily available in Poland (and therefore some are not cheap) if you adjust a little bit to the produce available you should spend no more than 1000 PLN for food (most people in Poland spend even less even though they eat meat) - also there are vegetarian joints in all major cities in Poland - one chain is Green Way for example - they have a website but only in Polish (

the other major cost is transportation - in big cities it is easier and more economical to use public transportation which is fairly cheap in Poland (around 100 - 150 PLN for a monthly pass)
WielkiPolak 54 | 1,000
4 Jun 2016 #3
Well it depends on the part of Poland you live I think.

That's a massive wage by Polish standards to be honest, so even if you want to send 8k home, 5k per month to live should be fine, unless you will be living in Warsaw or Krakow where rent might be high, then you might have to keep your own lifestyle fairly basic. It depends on your living costs.
jon357 74 | 22,387
4 Jun 2016 #4
That's a massive wage by Polish standards

Yes, it is a good wage in Poland.

It depends on your living costs.

This is the important thing. If you are used to being careful and are living in modest accommodation 8,000 zl is possible, 9,000 just about possible if you spend little. Many people, even in cities, live on 4,000 zl or less. Including some expats.

Is the amount your employer quoted before or after tax? This makes a big difference.
OP abhinav saxena
4 Jun 2016 #5
@ jon357 the amount 13000 is the gross amount permonth.
i think there is some tax will be calculated on it.
jon357 74 | 22,387
4 Jun 2016 #6
the amount 13000 is the gross amount permonth.

This means the net amount that you will receive after tax and social/health contributions is more or less 9000 zl and this will decrease slightly towards the end of the year as you pass the various tax thresholds.
You will be able to send home 5 or 6 thousand zl maximum.
4 Jun 2016 #7
To the OP: your initial post is rather stupid. I don't want to offend but but look: do you really think there's any chance 1/3 part of your brutto salary could pay your taxes, your social insurance plus your rent and food? If they're ready to pay you 13 K, then you know it's not possible, not in Poland, not in India and not in Botswana. What do you think? :)
OP abhinav saxena
4 Jun 2016 #8
See i will have to check if 13k is gross or net.. but anyways thanks all for the suggestion and thoughts :) :)
WielkiPolak 54 | 1,000
4 Jun 2016 #9
Seriously though, you want to send 9k back home every month, to India? Does your family live in some sort of palace? Wouldn't 3 or 4k be more than enough for them to live comfortably?
Sparks11 - | 333
5 Jun 2016 #10
I question the sincerity of this post. Who doesn't know if their pay is net or gross, like right away. Unless you're new to the idea of taxes but then I doubt someone so clueless would be offered such a job. .
9 Jun 2016 #11
just wanted to know is there and hostel sort of thing available to live inside the city or we have to take room in appartment only.

also which one would be cheaper?
hostel or a room in appratment.
gumishu 15 | 6,186
9 Jun 2016 #12
hostel or a room in appratment.

a room would be cheaper - and more convenient (no fear about your belongings - hostel rooms are shared with other people you know) - with that sort of money you are going to get paid you can afford renting a studio flat (single room with a tiny kitchen and a bathroom) after you land in the country - it is much more expensive than renting a room in an apartment (say double to tripple) but much more comfortable (you live on your own)
jon357 74 | 22,387
9 Jun 2016 #13
He doesn't necessarily mean a tourist hostel, probably more a workers' hostel. There are several in Warsaw however they are usually booked solid months in advance by semi-permanent residents and those that have rooms free are expensive; their prices are based on a company putting up builders or whatever there. And they aren't usually very nice.

A room or small flat would be better.
Atch 20 | 4,154
9 Jun 2016 #14
a workers' hostel. There are several in Warsaw

I stayed in one for a couple of weeks about ten or eleven years ago when we were flat hunting. It was great crack altogether. A former colleague of my husband who had an 'in' there got us a room that happened to be free for a while. Basically it was a one room flat with a separate windowless kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen was really basic, There was an ancient gas cooker,no fridge, but it was such a cold winter that we just put the perishables out on the balcony and they were fine! There was also nothing in the way of pots, pans or utensils but some friends lent us the necessaries for the duration. The studio room was quite large with two double beds and a dining table and four chairs. No telly but they would rent you one for a small charge. I think there might have been some kind of a common room or bar type thing on the ground floor somewhere but I didn't investigate.

The guys living there were alright, we were never disturbed by people being rowdy or anything, although the sound insulation was non-existent and the shift workers in the flat next door were clearly audible having a bath when they arrived home in the middle of the night, splashing vigorously and breaking wind in a most regrettable but undoubtedly necessary fashion:)
11 Aug 2016 #15
Hi Abhinav,

I am also from India. I am also offered a job in poland. Want to discuss with you more on this. Can we contact on facebook? waiting for your reply.
Deepak A
26 Oct 2016 #16

I am from India and got an offer of 13000 PLN(gross) per month in Krakow.I have 2 kids of age 4 Yrs. Will it be sufficient for a family of 4 people to survive and save some decent money apprx. 3000 PLN per month in Krakow
GR123 - | 6
2 Dec 2016 #17
Dear All,
Recently, I got an offer of 12000(Gross)/per month in Wroclaw and I would like to know an average expenditure for 3 people (myself, spouse & 3 year old child). Also how much I can save after tax & other expenditures.

Please share your valuable suggestions,

GR123 - | 6
2 Dec 2016 #18
By the way, I am an Indian national.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,258
2 Dec 2016 #19
There's plenty of information on salary in Poland in this section and if you only bothered to look for it, you wouldn't have to start a new thread.
GR123 - | 6
2 Dec 2016 #20
Hi Ziemowit,
Thank you for your feedback. I tried and found some information, those are recorded on or before 2015. So thought of getting the updated information.
GR123 - | 6
2 Dec 2016 #21
Hi Ziemowit,
Thank you for your feedback.
I tried and found some information, those are recorded on or before 2015. So thought of getting the updated information.
Deepak A
5 Dec 2016 #22
HI, There is a joint declaration for married couple option available in the Tax calculation site

Is this option applicable for Non EU citizens where only husband is working and wife is housewife with no income.Also is there any tax benefit on kids maintenance

Can anyone please suggest on this.
DominicB - | 2,707
5 Dec 2016 #23
@Deepak A

It would almost certainly be better, and a whole lot cheaper, to leave the wife and kids back home in India. School fees alone can cost you a fortune.
Deepak A
5 Dec 2016 #24
Hi DominicB,

Thanks for the advise.My kids are still 4 years.I may opt for a playschool for 1 year.Can you please advice on Joint Tax Declaration if it will be applicable in my case.
GR123 - | 6
6 Dec 2016 #25
@Deepak A
Hi Deepak,
When are you travelling to Wroclaw? did you find an apartment?
If possible, kindly share me your contact details to discuss further. I will be flying from Chennai (India).

As I understood from my employer, you can opt for the joint declaration (if your partner is not working).

Thank you,
Deepak A
6 Dec 2016 #26

Thanks for the info.I am travelling to Krakow from Hyderabad in Jan second half and not Wroclaw...I m being provided 1 month accommodation by the company..
Deepak A
6 Dec 2016 #27
Also I got to know there is a tax exemption of 500 PLN per month on the second child.Is it true?? Can any one advice plz..
terri 1 | 1,663
6 Dec 2016 #28
It is NOT a tax exemption. You have to make a claim for the second child (if both live with you and are under 18). This money is then paid straight into your bank account.
12 Sep 2017 #29
Hi friends, brothers and sisters,

I am on verge of getting an offer from an IT organisation in wroclaw.

I will be getting 13000zl per month and planning to move with my lovable wife and cute son who is 1.5 years old.

Is it possible to save 5000zl post tax?

Any Indians who moved to poland from India with family? Please do help me out.

I heard from my team member who stayed in poland once for 2 months and he was so impressed with love and helpful nature of Polish people.

Chennai, India
jon357 74 | 22,387
12 Sep 2017 #30
Is it possible to save 5000zl post tax?

Yes, this is very possible - it depends how much you spend.

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