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Wroclaw, Poland or Prague, Czech? Which is better for jobs and studies?

Kumar26 3 | 6
12 Apr 2009 #1
Hello All,

I am Indian working in Prauge, I have offer to move to Wroclaw , Poland.

I work as Financial Analyst ..for 2000 Eur per month , not still sure how much i will be offered there.

What is comparative salary i should get in Wroclaw?

which is better place to live Prague or Poland? which is more expensive?

can you pls help me decide?

Average Salary for Financial analyst?

How do Hewlett packard pay for Financial Anallyst (specialist level) in Wrocsaw ? any ideas?
28 Apr 2015 #2
Merged: Poland or Czech Republic for jobs and studies?

I am planning to study in Europe either in Czech or Poland. I wanna know which country is better in terms of development, economically and which has a better employment rate or which has less unemployment % ?
AdrianW89 - | 3
28 Apr 2015 #3
I think POland is better. They are close to reach the lowest unemployment rate since 15 years and it's still going to improve overtime.
NIkolaybg - | 10
29 Apr 2015 #4
Well, you are interested in statistics. Yes, the unemployment rate is low but this does not mean that you will find a job easily. It is easy only in the big cities, and still you will need to learn Polish at a good level.

I personally would not make any decision based upon statistics, for me this is stupid.
29 Apr 2015 #5
Witam! I would recommend the Czech Republic over Poland. Polish unemployment rate is very high (and much higher than for instance in the Czech Republic) and most salaries are very low in Poland. Also, the Czech Republic is more open (Prag is absolutely gorgeous and attracts a lot of foreigners and the society is very open: 57% of the Czech are atheists and contrary to Poland, no religious signs in public buildings, no religious interference in public affairs and very important taxpayers don't subsidize Church(es) like the case in Poland. If I could, I would obviously move to Prag. In the Czech Republic, things are also better organized ("Germans who speak Czech," some say ;))

PS: if you'll dare comparing both countries, the economic situation in the Czech Republic is not as bad as it is in Poland in terms of unemployment for instance, especially among the very young where the Czech Republic is doing much better. Besides, very few Czech seek work abroad whereas millions of Poles go abroad for bread (only way of Poland to reduce its unemployment rate), which can be an obvious sign of better life and better opportunities in the Czech Republic.

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