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Working/studying for MD in Poland - papers, salary, living costs, rent mounts

khalil yacoub
2 Jul 2013 #1
Hello every body
I'm Khalil Form Syria I was Born In Poland In 1990 After Two Months I'll Hopefully Finish Mu Med collage
And I'll Become A doctor (Wish Me Luck With that) I'm Thinking about Having My Speciality In Poland
But Till The Moment I Have No Idea About the Conditions What are asked From Me
The Papers the Salary Average For Doctors And The Costs Of Living In Poland for Example Warsow Or Poznan The Rent mounts
And The Money U Have To Pay
So Can I Kindly Ask For your Help

No replay ?
Lenka 3 | 1,966
2 Jul 2013 #2
Give it some time :)
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Jul 2013 #3
Is it a joke? In Syria is a war. Nobody studies there.
OP khalil yacoub
3 Jul 2013 #4
Yes there is a war but there are some safe cities in those cities life is still normal except for the rising costs of life and yeah electresity is available 17 hours out of 24

But Even In The Cities In Which There Is A war Universities Are Still Working Cuz you Know People Will Have To Live And To study Even If That Someday Could Cost Your Life

I Mean What Options Do You Have !
Anyway i Hope Someone Replay For My Questions :-)
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Jul 2013 #5
Here you have some salaries:,46097,zarobki_lekarzy_w_polsce_sa_najlepsze_od_lat.html

So from 5000pln to 14000pln/month gross. Net is around 1/3 less
Rent for 2 room apartment from 600pln in small town to over 2000pln in biggest cities (also depends how close to center)
Food from 500pln per month for cooking at home
Transportation 100 - 200pln / month

But to work in Poland as doctor you need to have your Syrian papers recognized what is not so easy. And then you have to do few years of practice when salaries are much lower than this 5000pln and it's not even easy to get place to do this practice.
OP khalil yacoub
3 Jul 2013 #6
The part about practice before study Can you Explain Why I Have To Practice When I Have My Medicine Leicence ?
I Mean In Germany U Don'T To Practice Before ?
and Can I Ask You Kindly To Explain In Euro :-)
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Jul 2013 #7
Can I Ask You Kindly To Explain In Euro

It must be very easy to get into medical studies in Syria when student of medicine cannot convert money. Also there is no Eur in Poland, so I will tell you and moment later this numbers will not be true any more.

Why do you start most of words from capital letter.

Also to work as Doctor in Poland you need to know Polish fluently.

The part about practice before study

Not before, but after.

Why I Have To Practice When I Have My Medicine Leicence ?

At least here after medical studies you don't get license, but diploma. To get license you have to do specialization which last from 3 up to 10 years. Only after that doctor gets license for work as a doctor. Without it you can work in medical companies, but not as a doctor.

Ok, have it: 1.00 EUR = 4.338 PLN

Also recognizing foreign med diploma here usually means choosing Polish Uni which will look at it and either says that you qualify and have to do pass courses which you didn't have in Syria, but are necessary in Poland. Or will say that you don't qualify and then you cannot try recognizing your diploma in Poland again. (that's why choosing university for that is kind of lottery)

Recognized in Poland diploma gives right to work as a doctor in Poland only, while diploma made in Poland gives a right to work as a doctor in EU also.
OP khalil yacoub
3 Jul 2013 #8
First of all thank you for your replay because for sure you put an effort writing it.
Second I Don't think that you Have To Be So Judgemental Since We Are Discussing A Topic In unofficial Page . of course a 5 Years Old Child in Lattakia In Syria Can Do The Math Of Converting the currency, but I Was Counting On Your Fast Replay and On Your Kindness Especially When It Takes Zero Effort From You To Write It Down With Out All The Comments You Made About The spontaneous Question That I Asked ! not To Mention That Telling A foreign Man About The Costs in The EU Should have Been Automaticlly given In Euro Especially when I'm Trying To Explain How I Know Nothing about Poland Except The Fact Of my Birth There And The Stories That My Parents Told Me About How Beautiful This Country is And An Old Polish Lady That Used To Mail Us When I Was A Kid.

Why am I Writing The 1st Litters in Capital Well Obviously There Is A Software Issue In My Tab Which I Have No Time To Solve In The Mean Time.

Here In Syria you Get A Diploma After Med School That Doesn't Give The Write To Work As A specialized Doctor but It Give you The Write To Study And Practice For You License As Long As It takes Likely About 4-8 Years As Any Place In The world But What Made the confusion Is The Wrong Word I Used (License Instead Of Diploma) Excuse Me For That.

Now what I Want You To Know That The current Problems In Syria Doesn't Mean That Syrian Doctors Are Not qualificated Well No Thats Not Write You can Ask About The Syrian Doctors Any Where And How Good They Are. Its Not The People Fault If Wars Took A place In Their Homeland And That Doesn't Make Them Stupid Or Not Good.

This Is A place to inform About Poland And Polish Stuff and That What I Did But Sir Your Way In Answering was Offensive To Me. And The Write Thing To Do Is To Help People Who Are Facing Wars That They Didn't Make Instead Judging Them.

I Apologize From The Admins If I said Any Thing Wrong And I Would Like To Be Informed .
And Back To My Questions I'm Counting On The Generous Polish People To Answer.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Jul 2013 #9
anyway. I think that it's trolling. Seriously, tab problem...

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