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Do workers in Poland have to pay ZUS, social security and other salary deductions? Brutto Netto exceptions

29 Jan 2015 #1
Is it mandatory for foreigner workers in Poland to pay the the ZUS, social security and other over the brutto salary deductions?

Is there any possible way of not paying these taxes to increase effective netto, considering the expat is:
a) Not going to stay in Poland for forever and would not be enjoying the pension benefits
b) Would have private medical insurance to cover medical expenses, if any

Also, what is the possible way back to the system if one wants to include himself/herself back into the social security program, if the way out option is existing?
cms 9 | 1,271
29 Jan 2015 #2
if you are a director of the company then you can receive your salary without these deductions. But you would not be entitled to any benefits and also you can be fired/removed without notice.

There are various other ways like having your own enterprise - but it will not totally avoid those charges, in fact often they can be higher.

If you are a regular employee then forget it.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
29 Jan 2015 #3
I assume that foreign worker means a person from out of EU.
1. As cms said if you're a director then you can be employed as contractor
2. You can create a company and offer services to your employer. It's not cheaper than employment though, because foreigners are restricted to few types of limited responsibility company which aren't cheap

3. You can get employed with minimum salary and get rest as Umowa o dzieło. In this way you don't pay ZUS and NFZ from the part of your income declared as dzieło. If you work as an artist (e.g. a programmer), then you can pay only 50% of income tax from Umowa o dzieło.

Many workers in Poland have just Umowa o dzieło or Umowa zlecenie, but being employed with Umowa o pracę is required to be allowed to stay in Poland for foreign workers.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
29 Jan 2015 #4
I assume that foreign worker means a person from out of EU.

Why would you assume that?
OP Rohan12
9 Feb 2015 #5
Thanks CMS and Monitor for your answers.

I am planning to visit Poland for a permanent job at ~5200 netto salary. I was wondering if I can increase my netto by excluding the non-mandatory taxable components.

I have gone through many posts in the forum if the above mentioned salary is decent enough to survive in warsaw for a single person (with a simple room in shared apartment, say in Ochota), who like to keep his hands in pocket.

Though some people say that it is more than enough, while some have mentioned that you will be as tight as snug fit pants!!!

What is your opinion?

Monitor 14 | 1,820
9 Feb 2015 #6
Just compare Warsaw's prices with whichever city you come from:
rajeshk - | 3
4 Feb 2017 #7
just to confirm, if i am leaving poland after 1 year, if i have paid employee zus and other socical benefits, so will i get back.. if yes, how
cms 9 | 1,271
5 Feb 2017 #8
no, you will not get those back unfortunately.
Ianthe - | 5
9 Mar 2019 #9

Salary deductions - making sense of my payslip

I'm wondering if someone can explain what these deductions are and whether they are mandatory or my employer has signed me up for some things I don't need.

Podatek osobowy
Skl fentowa ubezp
Skl chorobowa ubezp
Skl zdr ubezp w pod
Skl zdr ubezp poza p
Pzu ii wariant
pawian 170 | 11,517
9 Mar 2019 #10
Pzu ii wariant

This PZU seems not mandatory, it is a group insurance for life, costs 48 zlotys per month.


I suppose you may refuse to pay it, unless you are obliged by the contract.

But I am not an expert in accounting, so go on searching for more info.


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