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D Visa- To work and study in Poland

Finfairy 1 | 1
17 Jan 2013 #1
Hi People,

Here's something about my background. I am an Indian, likely to move to Warsaw, Poland sometime next month ( Feb 2013). My Indian husband works in Poland with a Type D visa.

My question: Once I am in Poland can I work or study with a Type D visa ? What are the chances of me getting a suitable job ? My native language is English, my work background is in Human Resources ( Recruitments) and to sum up my work experience is close to 5 yrs.

Also, need to understand about the positives and negatives of having a Type D visa.

Awaiting your valuable responses.

Thanks and Regards,
pablom 1 | 4
17 Jan 2013 #2
Hello Finfairy,

Welcome to the forums! Do remember to bring some warm clothes with you as February might be quite cold.

From what I've read, a type D visa allows you to stay in Poland until it expires and lets you travel within the Schengen zone as well for a limited time. As far as jobs go, it's really tough for me to say. Since your husband has a job with a D type visa, I think you can get one as well, but you will probably need to apply for a work permit.

If you need some assistance once you get here, let me know.
OP Finfairy 1 | 1
18 Jan 2013 #3
Thanks a lot Pablom for your quick response. I shall surely get in touch with you once I am there :-)

From what I have read so far, I thought a Type 'D' visa allows you to work ( keeping in mind that you are a dependent and your spouse has a work permit already. So what I meant was you need not apply for a work permit separately. You qualify for it by default). Not sure about how this works in Poland.

Also, how open is Poland when it comes to recruiting / hiring English speaking people at work? I am sure its a cakewalk for technical professionals ( example : IT professionals) for whom learning the local language may not be mandatory /needed when compared with professionals with a non- technical background. ( example : a Human Resource professional).

It would be great if you or any of you from the group can address this.

1 Sep 2013 #4

Answering to your question, non-EU students are allowed to work only during holidays (July, August, and September) During those months you can work as many hours as you wish.
7 Nov 2015 #5
Hello, I'm a US student studying in France. I would like to study (start my degree program) in Kraków next year but am unsure if I can get a visa to study in Poland without returning to the US to do so.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Taby 46
1 Mar 2017 #6
Hello as I am a student in Poland on D type visa my question is I can work ? and if I can then how many hours...? And also if I want travel to Ukraine as my friends are there I have to take visa ?
DominicB - | 2,709
1 Mar 2017 #7
You are allowed to work only during summer vacation, but, as jobs are scarce even for native Poles, it is extremely unlikely that anyone will hire you when Poles and other EU citizens can easily fill any vacancy. Make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will never be able to earn a single penny during your stay in Poland. If you need to earn to learn, then Poland, and all of the other formerly communist countries in Europe, are not for you.

Don't believe what you read on internet sites like study in poland. Jobs for foreign students are next to impossible difficult to come by, and the few that exist pay very, very low wages that don't come close to covering the cost of tuition, never mind living expenses. Most foreign students who come to Poland because they think it is affordable leave before completing their studies because, well, they just can't afford it. Or because the realize that courses taught in English are of low quality, and degrees earned in these programs are basically worth little or nothing on the job market.

Overall, studying in Poland, or any other of the formerly communist countries, is a rather poor investment for foreigners.The low tuition and cost of living may seem attractive, but a useless degree means that your money has been wasted.
Udaya 1 | 9
3 Mar 2017 #8
@Taby 46
As I know with new polish law you can work as many hour as you want without any problem. But you can not miss any class, other then that you can work. And if you want to go Ukraine then you need visa for sure.
17 Mar 2017 #9
Hi, Can we study on bases of visa D in Poland? And how difficult to extend visa once we reach from India to Poland and want to extend visa for another 1 year?
23 Oct 2018 #10
Hi , am applying for national d visa for study purpose but was not getting dates from last one month and now while registering the form it showed lack of dates available to 9-11-2018 but i don't know how to pick up the slot can anyone help me with that

thanks in advance
Gauraog - | 14
23 Oct 2018 #11
Everyone is facing the same problem. At what time you are trying? What's speed of your Internet? For Mumbai or Delhi?
26 Oct 2018 #12
@Gauraog - am checking almost after every one hour and mostly at night and tried Tuesday and Friday after 3 as well, net speed is good, for delhi , its hosing lack of dates available to 2018-11-09
Seeker01 - | 17
30 Oct 2018 #13
Same here. Today atleast i got to select the date but after that got appointment booked for this date choose other. Don't know why they displayed that date in drop down when it was already booked.
Gauraog - | 14
10 Nov 2018 #14
You were trying for Mumbai or Delhi?
16 Nov 2018 #15
hi can any one tell me do i need a transit visa if am travelling to new delhi to poznan with copenhagen 18hours hault
Gauraog - | 14
16 Nov 2018 #16
I don't think so until and unless you want to go out of airport.

You got an appointment?
16 Nov 2018 #17
no, I didn't its extended to 30th of nov now plus i have some form related queries and embassy asusual not picking up the call
Gauraog - | 14
16 Nov 2018 #18
OK. You can contact me on 9373660949.
Whatever I know, I will help you.
16 Nov 2018 #19
cool so tomorrow i will call you

but is it confirmed that i can't go out without transit visa (for denmark).

if i am having national d visa and travelling to poznan via 18 hrs hault at copenhagen then y do i need transit visa if i want to go out of airport as i m already carrying schengen national d visa
Gauraog - | 14
17 Nov 2018 #20
This is what I found on Denmark visa site.

Please note that an airport transit visa is not required for Indian nationals in possession of a valid visa or residence permit to an EU or EEA country, USA or Canada.

Apologies for not able to answer your call today.
umashankar - | 2
20 Nov 2018 #21
I need Poland work visa appointment date from delhi embassy. please help me... uma shankar sharma
sdconsult123 - | 3
23 Nov 2018 #22
Any body has any solution in getting National work visa dates for delhi?
kondoryus - | 2
7 Jan 2019 #23
Hello Shikha0590
we are making visas to Indian people for visa_D time last 2 years , during this period we have gain a huge experience and good contacts.. If you need an appointment in delhi or mumbai please contact us . We will provide you the best solution.
7 Feb 2019 #24
Which type of work can I do in Type D visa? Is it for IT professional or Labour type jobs only? Am I able to switch/ jump job from 1 company to another without reapply visa?

Do I need to apply any separate work permit visa before or after getting proper job?
4 Mar 2019 #25
no u cannot switch jobs, if you do, you require next org also to give u work permit and that itself will take 4 months

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