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Thirteenth Salary in Poland

PippoZ 2 | 10
20 Oct 2015 #1
Can anybody tell me if employees in Poland do receive a thirteenth salary (in December maybe) like in other countries?
I've been offered a contract to work in an important bank, they mentioned the gross monthly salary, I'd like to know if I should expect 12 or 13 salaries a year.

mafketis 24 | 9,123
20 Oct 2015 #2
Here's a link (run it through google translate and come back here with any questions),kto-dostanie-trzynastke-za-2014-rok.html

short story, it's only required for some state employees, private employees may or may not pay. In my experience it's actually paid after the year (around February) and is not necessarily a full months salary.
OP PippoZ 2 | 10
20 Oct 2015 #3
Thanks Mafketis,
that's really useful. Luckily my Polish is good enough to understand it without Google Translator. I'll talk to the Human Resources madam and ask about the trzynastka at first chance. Thanks again
cms 9 | 1,271
20 Oct 2015 #4
Assume 12 if you are not working for the govt. There might be some bonus scheme related to performance (I would say 80% of private business has that) but flat 13 salary is rather more common in Italy, France etc than in Poland.

by the way if that is a bank they normally have bonus schemes that are far more valuable than a 13th month, but it depends if you are generating revenue or not
OP PippoZ 2 | 10
20 Oct 2015 #5
Thanks for your reply cms.
In facts I'm from Italy and 13th salary in my country is pretty standard for most companies, and in banks even 14th is not uncommon. I think that is more or less in line with a valuable bonus scheme depending on performance.

Dougpol1 32 | 2,708
20 Oct 2015 #6
I had the 13th salary for years. It is a communist ploy to remove proper entitlement to a living monthly salary. In the EC it ought to be illegal in my view. Scummy practice.
jon357 67 | 16,836
21 Oct 2015 #7
They sometimes do the thirteenth salary in Germany too. Kind of like a Christmas Club.

One benefit is that it ensures there is food on the table and gifts under the tree in families who'd otherwise spend everything on booze. There are of course drawbacks too.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
21 Oct 2015 #8
They do it in France too (called "le treizième mois") and in some sectors, including banks (for which I did work) even 14 months (16 months at Central Bank). These are real salaries. In Poland I know some French companies which do...

PS: Absolutely Jon! Since in France we have the choice of either paying tax every month (like here and in most countries) or in 3 installments, as I chose the second option, I kept my 2nd pay for tax whereas alot prefer to spend everything on presents and on food/booze for the holidays and then have to request special favors from ... Tax Office :)
Roger5 1 | 1,458
21 Oct 2015 #9
It is a communist ploy to remove proper entitlement to a living monthly salary.

Perhaps. I'd certainly rather have a good pay rise than the 13th salary, which usually comes well into the following year.
cms 9 | 1,271
21 Oct 2015 #10
Some wonderful views here - giving extra cash to your employees should be illegal apparantly.

It is of course a mechanism to keep people at crucial times e.g. pay your accounting staff their 13th month just after financial year end. Pay your retail staff their 13th month in January.

Doug, the govt sets a minimum wage in every one of the 28 countries of the EU. In many cases these are going up quite quickly, much more than inflation. Its up to honest employers to follow that legislation.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,708
21 Oct 2015 #11
the 13th salary, which usually comes well into the following year.

That's a scandal Roger. Mine was always paid in February.

And do you do extra-mural teaching? When I declined to take extra-murals, I was told that it was mandatory, and I would be fined if I didn't.

That was 1992 mind. Bullying and corruption were rife. Half of my first year students were clearly "flown in."
The 13 th salary was there for us all to keep our mouths shut and do as we were told.

I hated it, because it was an inducement to make up (for one month anyway) for the **** university salary of that period.and made me feel used.
Roger5 1 | 1,458
22 Oct 2015 #12
And do you do extra-mural teaching?

Not this year.

Bullying and corruption were rife.

I've never seen either in the twelve years I've taught at the uni.

the **** university salary

That hasn't changed. It's a scandal, but what can you do?
Dougpol1 32 | 2,708
22 Oct 2015 #13
It's a scandal, but what can you do?

What would or rather, did, UK lecturers do? In 1984 they went on strike. I know, because I was an undergraduate then. I am always amazed that Polish lecturers put up with the situation, but as I intimated, there are plenty of other ways for them to make money, which are (rightly) closed to their UK counterparts, and to those like yourself who are clean.

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