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Thinking of moving to Poland after university...? Which courses to take before? English teaching/translating?

Dr Gonzo
19 Mar 2013 #1
I am currently completing year 12 in Australia and I'm seriously considering moving to Poland after I complete some sort of course at university. Basically I'm looking for a little advice and a push in the right direction. I'm studying Aviation, Physics, Research Project, English, Spanish and I completed year 12 Polish last year and speak it fluently. I realize that both Aviation and Physics is pretty much useless without Maths, but it was too late for me to change subjects at such a late stage.

There are some courses at university I have looked at which would interest me such as: optometry, computer science/information technology, geographical information systems and architecture. I'm not sure which of these would be of most use in Europe but I hear it is easy for native English speakers to teach English in Poland. I don't know how well I would go about being a teacher but I would defiantly consider tutoring or translating for a company or something like that. What sort of course would I have to complete to do that? Uni of South Australia has TESOL courses, would that have any significance in Poland?

I'd really want to move to Bielsko-Biała because I have family there. But if needed be I would consider moving to a nearby city like Kraków.

Thanks in advance.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
19 Mar 2013 #2
Here is link which may interests you:

"optometry, computer science/information technology, geographical information systems and architecture" - you cannot ask generally about Europe, because every country has different supply and demand for different professions. Comparing to the west Poland is not as much technologically developed, so number of jobs in research is lower here then elsewhere. That's why most of graduates of technical subjects, chemistry, biology, pharmacy have to work in different professions.

Currently there is big demand around the world and in Poland for programmers. For that some basics of maths are needed. But the lower ranking university the less they require you to know it.

Architecture was good profession few years ago. But recently occurred boom for this specialty and market got saturated and graduates have problem to find job in this profession in Poland.

"geographical information systems" - don't know what would be that, but graduates of geography usually were searching jobs in teaching, where currently it's nearly impossible to get a job.
DominicB - | 2,709
19 Mar 2013 #3
If your planning to relocate to and work in Poland, your best bet is to get a degree in engineering, get hired by a western company, and get a transfer to Poland. Living in Poland on a western salary would be very comfortable.

Teaching English is ok if you just want to goof around. Don't expect big bucks unless your a really, really good businessman and marketer. I do some freelance teaching (actually, mentoring) for social contact, but I wouldn't rely on it to butter my bread.

Translating is also a very good option and in great demand, but you have to have experience in a specialty area (like science, medicine, business or law) to make a go of it. I'm a scientific translator, and have no shortage of work. Again, experience counts for a lot, as does self-drive and discipline. Freelance is the way to go, and you can make a pretty decent living.

Home / Work / Thinking of moving to Poland after university...? Which courses to take before? English teaching/translating?
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