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Taxes and ZUS on a second job in Poland

21 Feb 2016 #1

I intend to move to Poland in the near future, and was wondering if anyone had any information about working and paying taxes etc. From what I can see, there are various contracts that employees might work under, as well as different rules relating to taxation.

I have developed a freelance writing career, in preparation for moving to Poland, and would continue this when I move over. However, due to the lack of job security, I would ideally like to try and find a job that is actually based in Poland - at the moment, I think there is a chance of a specific opportunity possibly developing at some point, but I don't know quite when, or even if it will.

Anyway, supposing I was to continue the freelance work at first, as far as I can tell, I would pay a flat rate of 19% tax (I think), plus around 400-odd zł in ZUS payments per month, for the first couple of years - after that, it rises to around 1000zł per month.

Having developed a writing career, I'd be hesitant to throw it away if I did get a new job, and would like to keep it going on a part-time basis. If I was able to get a job that paid tax and ZUS payments, what would I then need to pay for any part-time, freelance writing work that I did? Would I still need to pay ZUS, and if so, how much? What about tax?
InPolska 9 | 1,805
21 Feb 2016 #2
First of all, as to an "employee", what are you from? If not from EU, you'll need a work permit and said permit will only be issued to potential employer if no Pole and no EU resident in Poland can do the job ;)
veikkopl 2 | 19
22 Feb 2016 #3
Why would you pay taxes to Poland if you write something? Who needs to know?
22 Feb 2016 #5
I'm an EU citizen, so no work permit needed etc.

Does anyone actually have any relevant answers? Essentially, if I was only working a handful of hours part-time per week (and maybe sometimes not at all), then it probably wouldn't be worth it if I had to pay 1000 ZUS per month, plus tax. Does anyone know if that would be the case or, if not, what proportion I might have to pay?

veikkopl 2 | 19
22 Feb 2016 #6

It seems that you're freelancing for a foreign company. If that's the case Poland's tax office is on absolutely no need to know basis. I just don't get this. You write a piece, send it abroad and you get paid. Why would you tell any of this to any Pole?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
22 Feb 2016 #7
Because you're a decent, law-abiding resident of Poland and not a criminal?
12 Mar 2016 #8
I got work permit in Poland for 6 hours JOB for international marketing. I also got temporary resident card for 3 year from my company as I am none EU citizen.

I want to do some other business during my rest hours. Can I do it??
13 Jul 2016 #9
Merged: Need help understand tax structure, employment contract type and deductions in Poland

Hey folks,

I've recently received two job offers in the range of 10K (Warsaw based) and12K (Krakow based) Zloty (netto)/month under B2B contract.

Can someone please help me understand who pays for ZUS and how and where the income tax is deducted? and what will be the so called "Take Home Pay"?

Cheers and thanks!
Gaucho 2 | 49
22 Jul 2016 #10
If its netto and you're an employee, the company is paying all of your ZUS/income tax.

If you gonna sign up your own self-named company, you still have to pays ZUS/income tax off that amount.

I just opened mine this month so not sure the amounts, but I've heard the first two years you get a special ~500zl/month ZUS rate plus 19% of income tax (that's on your winnings, not total income).
polishinvestor 1 | 361
22 Jul 2016 #11
Yes its called maly zus these days its about 440zl all in from memorey. You get the lower rate for 2 years and then it goes up to the full 12xx or whatever it will be in two years time. Its an incentive for people to start their own businesses. From 2017 the tax rate I think is due to drop to 15% from SMEs, not sure if parliament has voted on it yet or not, but likely to go through.

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