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Can I survive in Poland as a working student?

Chaalsy 1 | 3
26 Jan 2017 #1

I'm from Turkey. I'm an english teacher with a 4 year diploma, 2 years of experience and Helen Doron Teacher Certificate.

I'm 24 and in need of a career change. I want to study computer science in WUT. My family can't help me financially. My question is can I...survive in Poland as a working student?

My plan was to teach english at a Helen Doron center (there are 14 in Warsaw), if not at any center, but after reading so many threads, I've lost my positiveness.

So this is my case and I would like to read your comments.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,278
26 Jan 2017 #2
Why not communicate directly with a Helen Doron Center and ask them what your chances are?
Atch 23 | 4,044
26 Jan 2017 #3
Chaalsy, please, please, please use a capital letter for English, not lower case. You used caps for all the other words which required them so why not for the English language??

As for English teaching jobs and surviving as a student in Poland there is loads of information on both subjects on this forum in other threads. It's worth taking a couple of hours to peruse them. Ziemowit is right that the best thing to do is submit your CV to one of the Helen Doron centres and see what response you get.
OP Chaalsy 1 | 3
26 Jan 2017 #4
So right. I'm doing it right now. I'm afraid if I get rejected, I may have to give up this whole plan.

Do you have a good, verified website for job-seeking?
Ziemowit 14 | 4,278
26 Jan 2017 #5
The biggest job-seeking website I am aware of is Of the 40,824 job offers listed on the site at the moment, 19,298 require the knowledge of English, 3,490 German, 823 French, 577 Polish (sic !), 382 Italian, 322 Russian, 321 Spanish, 277 Dutch, 196 Czech, 163 Swedish.

What may interest you perhaps the most, 26 job offers require the knowledge of Turkish!
OP Chaalsy 1 | 3
26 Jan 2017 #6
Thanks, really helpful.
Thank you, too.
istannbullu34 1 | 100
26 Jan 2017 #7

For the beginning, the chances are really so low that you can find a job - first you should come here as being a student, then look for something, which might take some time. You will need to get residence permit as being a student first, before that no company will want to take care of paper work (work permit and so on)

If you are lucky, you can find something though, but keep your expectations low.

I would recommend at least to have the amount which will keep you afloat for a year, otherwise you might get disappointed.
OP Chaalsy 1 | 3
27 Jan 2017 #8
Thank you. :)

I'm planning first to have a foundation year which also includes polish courses, plus it's cheaper than a normal year. So I will listen to your advice and see what happens in this foundation year.

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