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Studying in Poland in Polish or English? I need a better option.

3 Jul 2010 #1
I want to apply to study in Poland. Which of these options should serve me best? Learning Polish first and then do my studies in Polish or to choose to do the course in English?
mafketis 37 | 10,851
3 Jul 2010 #2
Neither will be easy. Polish is a hard language to learn quickly. A school in £ódź used to prepare students for university level clases within a year but it's a lot of intense work.

On the other hand, Polish faculty tend to teach better in Polish (as it's the language of all spheres of life in Poland). Also English as spoken (and written) by Polish people is liable to vary a lot from what you're used to. And that will also take a period of adjustment.

Regardless of the language of studies, you'll definitely need to learn Polish well as most people in Poland are not interested in accomodating foreigners who live here and don't know Polish (they're okay with helping short term visitors and/or tourists but will be perturbed if you don't make rapid enough progress in Polish). And the bureaucracy is all in Polish.
terri 1 | 1,663
3 Jul 2010 #3
If you're going to study in English, why not chose an English-speaking country.
It is impossible to learn Polish up to University standard in ONE year - even if you devoted 12 hours on it day every day of the year.
OP alwayzaround
3 Jul 2010 #4
Thanks (Mafketis & Terri) for your advise. I really appreciate it. I think I found University in Poland that their tuition fees is ok for me for the course I choose to do in my post-graduate degree (MA in Philosophy). But the language has become the main barrier, even starting from their University website.

One of the schools told me that they have nothing to do for me because their online form is in Polish. So I started wondering if their claim that they teach the course in English language is real.
terri 1 | 1,663
3 Jul 2010 #5
...I don't want to be pedantic...but you need to brush up on your English, before you start studying. And remember, if you're not from the EU the course fees are higher.

Can you tell us which Uni you are interested in?
OP alwayzaround
3 Jul 2010 #6
Precisely, I applied to do MA in Philosophy at University of Warsaw. I am have submitted all necessary documents. I am just waiting for decision from the Institute of Philosophy before I pay my school fees. The course would last for 2 years but I have to pay for the first year which is about 2,200 Euro exclusive of accomodation.

My intention is to start the course in English, and then do part-time Polish language programme to enable me get used to the society. I just need Polish language for communication and interactions.
terri 1 | 1,663
3 Jul 2010 #7
2,200E sounds very reasonable to me - will check it out myself.
Polish lang is very difficult - you could start by getting some lang books and making a start now, so that at least you would be able to introduce yourself and have small chit chats with people.
9 Jul 2012 #8
Even if you're studying in English, it's really useful to learn Polish because most Polish people can't really speak any other language than Polish. Living in cities like Lodz or Wroclaw is cheap. In lodz there's Polonus-Lodz language school which is affordable. In Wroclaw: University of Wroclaw, but I think the Polish course is for ERASMUS students only.
9 Jul 2012 #9
Zgadam się, maciejpolsko!

I completely concur with you. Probably, studying in English in Poland would best be served at or by one of the various international universities thoughout the country with native-English speaking faculty, i.e. from the States, Britain, Canada or Australia, who lecture exclusively IN ENGLISH, without necessarily a fluent working knowledge of Polish. Often the latter are visiting, even adjunct, faculty, who lecture only part-time and the rest of the year teach/publish in their native country.

Something to consider anyway:-)

Couldn't edit the typo, sorry! It should've been "Zgadzam się.."

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