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How to study Information Technology, work and live in Poland?

17 Apr 2010 #1
I want to study, work and live in Poland, I need a help. I want to study Information Technology. Am a graduate in Economics but in with love Info Tech. I have already taken a training course in CCNA. Iwould like to study and the same time working as a student and after school will also like to live in and work in Poland permanently.

I need your Help Please.


from Nigeria
OP debigtim
17 Apr 2010 #2
My email address is debigtim@yahoo plz contact me if You can help.

Izuchukwu from Nigeria.
Tindexca - | 2
17 Apr 2010 #3
Home schooling can be a very enjoyable and a satisfying experience for a parent. But online tutoring too has gained a lot of momentum with increased awareness and parents can try this option too.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
17 Oct 2013 #4

Foreigners studying in Poland (Polish universities are looking for them)

It is the demographic low. Universities are looking for and recruit volunteers abroad

Mid-October, and there's still ongoing recruitment for a free study at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski. Meanwhile, on the private universities with tuition of 3.5 thousand of euro per year stakeholders were most than enough.

Finding eager to study in mid-October in times of demographic decline is not unusual to private universities. Those tempting promotions, tuition reductions, etc. But so far it has not happened on a large scale in the public schools. Especially in Warsaw's free stationary studies.

Very interesting article, and in many ways it confirms what Delph wrote previously. Polish universities are actively looking for foreign students, Africans being an an attractive target group. And yes they will "monitor" the new "students" as to ensure they do not come here as to get entrance to the EU.... Btw I wonder what kind of students UKSW will attract?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
17 Oct 2013 #5
Congratulation to prof. Rybiński. It seems that he was not only talking about problems with lower number of Polish students in coming year, but managed to really solve it in his school.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
17 Oct 2013 #6
What the article did not mention is which value the degrees issued by Vistula and likeminded companies have on the job market.

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