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About student visa - need proof of accomodation in Poland?

dobry2123 4 | 6
4 Jun 2012 #1
i got everything for student visa,except of proof of accommodation,my polish school gave me a acceptance letter,only said i am accepted and tuition fee paid,but without words like "we will keep dorm for u" etc,but the embassy website said they need proof of accommodation,has anyone from asian countries given the embassy the proof of accommodation? i mean that proof is a must or not?
hakuchha 3 | 27
4 Jun 2012 #2
As far as i know, the proof of accommodation is a must. You should book a hostel temporarily near your university and put that proof in your interview in the embassy you are applying for !
OP dobry2123 4 | 6
5 Jun 2012 #3
but i will live in dorm there,coz in the acceptance letter they have said it,but they just dont wanna give me that proof,coz they said fee will be paid after arrival,so is that proof.
hakuchha 3 | 27
5 Jun 2012 #4
If you have a piece of paper, written exactly what you stated then you should be fine.Otherwise book a hostel for one week, it shouldnot cost you more than 100 euros or so.
OP dobry2123 4 | 6
6 Jun 2012 #5
i mean in the letter it just said i am accepted,tuition has been paid,prices of dorm,but without words like "we keep a room for u" etc.
eberhart 13 | 120
6 Jun 2012 #6
dobry2123 do you know any Polish people who own a flat? If they will write you a simple contract to "rent" a room for 1zl a month this might work as well. I have done this in the past to meet the "umowa najmu" requirement when applying for residence. But first I would contact the school and tell them you need proof of accommodation and see if they will send something since it sounds like you have this accommodation covered..just not the proper papers proving it. I can't be sure in regards to a student visa...but normally you have to have proof of accommodation for the entire time you are applying for (like a rental contract for this duration or letter showing a dorm is provided in your case) so a hostel for a week wouldn't work.

Here are the numbers for Immigration Info...they speak English: +48 22 695 67 70 or +48 22 695 67 73

Open Monday 10:00-17:30 and other days from 08:00 to 15:00 except Wednesday and weekends when they are closed. If someone doesn't answer just keep trying every few min as it often takes several tries.

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