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I stay in Poland, freelance for UK company, and have a Belarusian passport. How do I get taxed?

23 Jan 2018 #1
Hi everyone!

The title kinda spells it all, but here are some details:

I'm a citizen of Belarus. I'm staying in Poland to study (on a student visa right now, but I'm getting a Karta Pobytu soon).

I do some remote work for a company in the UK as a data analyst. I receive separate agreements on every project I sign up for with the company.

I receive payment for it on a project basis - only after I submit the work. The company wants me to invoice them before they pay, but as I understand they are flexible in that part (so it can be some other contract). Currently I plan to receive the money to an account in a Lithuanian (sic!) bank which I opened when I lived back in Lithuania - but I no longer live or work there, and apparently can't also pay taxes there.

I don't do this work as my main source of income - just as occasional chance at extra pay. This is why I'd really want to avoid registering as a company (paying 400zl to ZUS each month would be a nightmare!). Do I have any cheap way of invoicing the company I work for without a company of my own? If not, can I somehow pay taxes myself? Will I have to pay PIT only? And finally, does the fact that I have a bank account in Lithuania influence all of those?
23 Jan 2018 #2
You'd have to ask your accountant (or research) if Belarus has a no-double-taxation agreement with Belarus. Probably they don't so you should be careful not to have to pay taxes twice or 3 times (not sure how it would work in Poland). Complicated indeed ;) The cheapest for you is to work from Belarus for the UK company.
OP Reginaldo
24 Jan 2018 #3
@Nathans in fact, Poland does - as long as since 1992! So hopefully I won't have any Belarusian tax authorities after my name :)

In the meantime, I've managed to find this service:
Apparently a Polish company that allows you to invoice people in their name. I've scoured the web for some feedback - polish freelancers seem to confirm those are legit. Any experience with them from anyone?

Home / Work / I stay in Poland, freelance for UK company, and have a Belarusian passport. How do I get taxed?
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