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SAP Consultant Salaries in Warsaw, Poland.

26 Sep 2013 #1

I'm an SAP CRM Technical Consultant, and I'm being offered a permanent job in Warsaw in a product based company.
I've a total of 5 years of work experience.
Kindly enlighten me, on how much salary should I be expecting.

peterweg 36 | 2,320
27 Sep 2013 #2
Something pretty similar to what you are being paid now. I'd say 15K pln per month?
OP joanna07in
29 Sep 2013 #3
I'm currently not employed in Europe. Hence, I don't really have an idea, on how much I should be getting here...
15 Jan 2014 #4
I have a very urgent SAP CRM position in Warsaw! It is for a big international client. The project is upgrade from version 5 to version 7.

If that sounds like something you might be able to do APPLY NOW!!! Interview will be carried next week.

If anybody is interested please get back to me as soon as possible at
9 Feb 2015 #5
Merged: SAP consultant salary

Hi all,

I have recently received an offer for work in Warsaw for a company as a SAP consultant. The offer to me a permanent contract and a gross salary of around 15000 pln. I would have to move with my wife and son, Do you think this is a good salary? I don't know the poland market at all.

Currently I am working as a freelancer so my rate is higher but I know this is a different type of contract.

Thanks in advance!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
9 Feb 2015 #6
Translate yourself this salary ranking:

You can see there min, max, avg salaries from Hays recruitment company, so what they describe there as Min. is actually maximum in smaller companies or out of the biggest cities. In other words there is written:

SAP Consultant min: 9 000 max: 20 000 median: 13 000

You can understand this, that 13 000 is an average salary in top international (cause these pay usually more) companies in Poland.
10 Feb 2015 #7
Hi Monitor!!

Thanks for the replay and for the pdf. It is very helpful. These are gross salary right?

Thank you very much!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
10 Feb 2015 #8
Yes, it's gross. You can translate the pdf and read description at the beginning.
25 Oct 2016 #9
Hello to Everyone,

I'm SAP Security Consultant, and I would like to try to move Warsaw in a product based company.
9 years of work experience in SAP Security area
Which salary will be good for my posision nowadays?

Also, where I can i find rates, for SAP delelopers and consults in Poland - general rates
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
26 Oct 2016 #10
Salaries in Poland are taboo. No one will tell you the truth. I have seen even video on yt "Don't compare. Tell your price" eg 7000zl ;)
Harry84 1 | 81
4 May 2017 #11
Hi All,
Anyone looking for SAP opportunity in Warsaw then please message here with exp and skills.
Only EU and valid EU visa holder.

Thank you.
21 Jun 2017 #12
Hi all! I´m a SAP Basis Analyst for about 6 years, and I´m changing to Poland - Wroclaw to work in this same position and the same Company, but we don´t talked about improve my salary yet, so... somebody happen to know what´s the salary for this job, or the average in Poland?
Harry84 1 | 81
26 Jun 2017 #13
Average salary for SAP candidate would be between 10k to 15k gross.

jgrabner 1 | 71
26 Jun 2017 #14
there is a new version of that HAYS report out:
31 Oct 2018 #15

I'm an SAP SD functional Consultant, and I'm being offered a permanent job in karkow in a Service based industry.
I've a total of 10 years of work experience.
Kindly enlighten me, on how much salary should I be expecting.

Miloslaw 7 | 3,080
31 Oct 2018 #16

Karkow isn't in are in the wrong forum.....unless you meant Krakow,in which case you need to improve your linguistic skills.

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