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Salary for service now developer in Poland

21 Jan 2016 #1
I am a service now developer currently giving interview for a big IT firm.
I did some research and quoted a salary of 8500 zloty per month.
I love to drink and eat.I do smoke as well.
Kindly let me know is this amount good or should I ask for more. Location is Cracow.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
21 Jan 2016 #2
Your employer does not care whether you spend much on booze, cigarettes, drugs or whatever! A salary is based upon employee's, qualifications, experience and the job to perform and NOT upon his or her needs ;). In that case, I would ask my boss to pay me 1000000000000000000000000000.

As to salaries in Poland, be informed that most Poles make much less than 3,000 ZL per month (minium wage is less than 1,400/1,500 net) so if you are alone and have 8,500, you'll be considerably better off than the big majority of Poles.
OP Servicenowdev
22 Jan 2016 #3
I think maybe you should ask your boss for that raise ...
Jokes apart just wanted to know would I be able to live comfortably in that amount while adjusting to a new life style.
22 Jan 2016 #4
Yes u should be able to live a comfy life with that (Net) amount.
Mind that to have that salary as a net you need to ask like 12000 PLN gross a month, very close to the max for senior developers in all Poland.
11 Aug 2016 #5
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Hi All,

I am getting a job offer in Warsaw, Poland. I don't have any idea about the salary. I googled too but could not get much information.

I am an Indian. I am getting offer 1500 $. And it is mentioned as including tax it will be 30-35% more.
I am earning 50k in India. I want to save a lot for my family also if i will go to Poland.

Please provide me your views.It can help me a lot.

11 Aug 2016 #6
1500 USD means appox 5700 PLN and within that 30% tax means you will have hardly 3990 PLN

If you are staying in bacheloer accomodation and also see food and other expense take 1000PLN which wil lave 3990 PLN in your hand. You your saving can be appox or nearly 69000 INR
11 Aug 2016 #7
Thanks for the reply. Yes its very less. Can you tell me the approximate money which i can demand for and also can do lots of saving for my family.


Can I please contact you? I have also received the offer and I am a servicenow developer. Please reply so that I can join in facebook and discuss with you on the same.


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